ICAS Fall Symposium

October 11, 2002, 12:00 PM - 5:50 PM
U S Senate Russell Office Building Room 418
Capitol Hill, Washington, D C 20510

Humanity, Peace and Security

12:30PM Registration
Moderator Sang Joo Kim (ICAS Sr Fellow & Executive Vice President)
12: 45 PM Welcome & Opening Address
Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow & President)
12: 50PM Naoyuki Agawa (Minister for Public Affairs, Embassy of Japan)
Japan's Role for Peace and Security in the East Asia: Issues and Prospects
1: 40PM Jae Ho Chung (Visiting Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Associate Professor, Seoul National University)
       China's Reform at Twenty: A Mid-Term Appraisal and Challenges Ahead
2: 30 PM Iskander K Azizov  (Counselor for Asia & Pacific Affairs, Embassy of Russian Federation)
The Winds of Change in the East Asia: Russia’s Role for Peace and Security in the Korean Peninsula
3: 20PM Nicholas Eberstadt (Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy)
       The Korean Peninsula Issues: State of the Affairs and Prospects
4: 10PM Carl Gershman (President, National Endowment for Democracy)
Promoting Democracy in the Post-911 World: The Case of North Korea
5: 00PM Michael J Green *(Director for Asian Affairs, National Security Council, The White House)
* needs confirmation and subject to change
        The U S Strategic Interests and Position in the East Asia: China, Japan and Koreas
5: 50PM adjourn

Bryan Port (MA '03, National Security Studies, Georgetown University)
Yosuke Watanabe (The White House Correspondent, Kyodo News)
Cynthia A Watson (Professor, National War College)

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