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ICAS Youth Excellence Program:
Constructing Building Blocks for the Future and Success

Julia K. Han

ICAS Summer Symposium
The Korean Diaspora
August 9, 2003 10:00 AM -- 5:30 PM
Montgomery County Community College
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ICAS Youth Excellence Program:
Constructing Building Blocks for the Future and Success

Julia K. Han

In the context of Western civilization and by Anglo-American standards the highest level of excellence is "summa cum laude." From the Latin translation, with the highest of praise, only a select few achieve this level of excellence. The ICAS Youth Excellence Program was created with the mission to help our youth achieve the highest level of achievement. To this end, the Youth Excellence Program provides its participants with experiences and education above, beyond and in addition to school curricula. By early exposure to people who have attained such standards, the participants become literate in all facets of development. Cultural, historical, intellectual, political, professional, and social development are all essential to growth. With each program and event, the ICAS Youth Excellence Program strives to be the foundation in which each participant can achieve their highest potential.

For many Korean Americans, their lives are encompassed by the family, work or store, and the church. All these areas of life are of great importance, but to achieve success in the mainstream culture, each Korean American must educate themselves. We must learn about how American establishment functions and how American institutions last in perpetuity. Joining mainstream America is not just about landing the great paying job or graduating from a top university. It is about building and contributing to the American society and civilization. We must learn how to be good citizens and contribute to the greater society. We will create values to the society by providing public service in the public interest. Thereby building both social and political capital that add serious values to America.

The ICAS Youth Excellence Program provides the building blocks for each member to stay on the leading edge of the Gaussian or Bell curve. By meeting leaders from diverse backgrounds like those present today, the program teaches social, intellectual, and professional skills. By encouraging participants to read from a list of books covering western, eastern and modern standards, the program provides the knowledge to cultivate their cultural, historical and intellectual skills. We need to strengthen each skill in order to create and build our voice. Either by writing or speaking, each member must participate and take action.

With each building block, ICAS will provide the forum where each participant can voice their views, share their experiences, and empower each other to do likewise. With empowerment comes the courage to take risks and look forward. For each participant, the goals will be different, but each will need the skill to implement their will for success.

Thus far, the ICAS Youth Excellence Program has visited:

Ground Zero, New York City
Heritage Foundation, Washington DC (Becky Dunlop)
Korean War Memorial, Washington DC
Lincoln Memorial, Washington D C
Supreme Court of the United States, Washington DC
United Nations, New York City (President Seung Soo Han of General Assembly)
U S Congress, Washington DC
U S Department of Labour, Washington DC (Shinae Chun)
U S House of Representatives, Washington DC
U S Library of Congress, Washington DC
U S Senate, Washington DC
Wall Street Journal, New York City

We have created programmes for each member from K- post graduate students.

We have the support and resources of our long list of friends and colleagues.

It is my pleasure to announce today our latest program. "Meet Governor Ed Rendell"

On Aug. 22, ICAS Youth Excellence program will go to Harrisburg to personally meet with Gov. Ed Rendell. We will also visit the State Capitol, State Senators, State Representatives and State Dept of Economics and Community Development.

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