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April 1, 2004

Sook Jong Lee
to address
The U S - South Korea Relations: Issues and Prospect

ICAS Spring Symposium: Humanity, Peace and Security
May 19, 2004 Wednesday
United States Senate Dirksen Office Building Room SD 628
Capitol Hill, Washington D C 20510

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Sook Jong Lee will address "The U S - South Korea Relations: Issues and Prospect" at the ICAS Spring Symposium 2004.

Sook Jong Lee is a Senior Research Fellow at the Sejong Institute. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University. Sook Jong's research interests include Japanese political economy, civil society in Korea and Japan, and political opinion studies. Currently, she is visiting fellow at the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies of Brookings Institution.

Sook Jong has written extensively on Japanese Political economy including Japanese industrial and financial system, Korea-Japan relations, and Japanese society in general. Her works have appeared in Sejong Institute's publications extensively and many journals including Asian Perspective and Journal of East Asian Studies. She also contributed chapters in books published by Stanford University Press and Hudson Institute Press. Sook Jong co-authored books titled Japan's New Political Economy (1998) and Korea-Japan Relations in Transition (2002), and wrote many articles.

She also studies Korean society from the perspective of political sociology. Recently, Sook Jong published articles on Korea such as Mass Perceptions of Democracy in Korea (1999), Trust and Civic Participation in Korea (2001), Advocacy Activities of NGOs in Korea (2002), Anti-Americanism in Korean Society (2003), Future Blueprint of the U.S.-Korea Alliance Needs to Be Searched (in Japanese, 2003), Anti-Americanism in Korean Society: A Survey-Based Analysis (KEI, 2004), Rise of Korean Youth as a Political Force (Brookings Institution, 2004), Generational Change in South Korea: Implications for U.S.-Korea Alliance (CSIS, 2004), and The Evolving Security Norms in South Korea and the U.S.-Korea Alliance (forthcoming).

Sook Jong has been involved in surveys dealing with Korean attitudes toward the U.S. and is writing reports for concerned readers. She has been also active in organizing international conferences and workshops on democracy in East Asia for the past several years. Sook Jong also served the Korean Association for Contemporary Japanese Studies as an editor of its biannual journal The Korean Journal of Japanese Studies, and the Korean Sociological Association as an international committee member twice.

Other confirmed speakers, to date, include Lawrence R Klein (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; Benjamin Franklin Professor Economics Emeritus University of Pennsylvania; Nobel Laureate). Thank you.

Sang Joo Kim / signed
Sr. Fellow & Executive Vice President

ICAS Fellow