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Following in the Footsteps of My Wife in Love

George S Dunlop

ICAS Summer Symposium
August 6, 2005 Saturday 9:30 AM 5:30 PM
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Following in the Footsteps of My Wife in Love

George S Dunlop

What a great and wonderful privilege it is for me to acknowledge the honor you have extended to my wife today. I very much appreciate your recognizing her leadership in advancing cause of liberty and with it the cause of humanity.

The ICAS Liberty Foundation Mission Statement recognizes that the cause of humanity, peace, prosperity and security are tied to extension of liberty to all mankind.

I salute you because to my way of thinking there is no greater calling and no greater purpose than to be an advocate for liberty. God created each of us to be free from the control of other men, and to submit only to Him as our Creator in voluntary obedience to his perfect will for our lives. Indeed, He intended for us even to be free from the control of perverse instincts inherent in our own human personality and free from the control of evil from whatever the source. To be human is to possess an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong. Animals have so such sentiments. This distinct humanity, this "conscience," assures that mankind has the means, even if not exercised nearly often enough, to exercise individual responsibility in the pursuit of freedom. There is no greater accomplishment than to be known as one who is a warrior for freedom because freedom is the condition God intends for humanity.

So, it is most fitting that the ICAS Liberty Foundation would establish a fellowship to inspire young people to champion the cause of human liberty, peace, and prosperity as my wife has done with her life. Becky and I share this same commitment to liberty. This commitment arises from our shared values about what it is to be a responsible citizen in God's "Empire of Liberty."

Becky and I are life partners whose relationship has as its foundation our shared values. First is our shared faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. This same Christ has made provision for us and all other persons who profess faith in Christ as Savior to redeem us, if each of us will only ask, in faith, for an eternal personal relationship with our Creator.

Second, as a consequence of this faith in Christ, we share the values personal conduct, and family and social relationships that are embodied in the concepts of the Greco/Judeo/Christian world view known most simply as classic Western Civilization. The principles that are at the foundation of Western Civilization are not to be confused with any ideology, geography, or people group. These principles arose in Western Europe, but have been extended to all continents and among all people groups, where they have been improved and perfected elsewhere, including in the United States, a nation of immigrants from all ends of the earth.

Third, as a consequence of both of these foundational values, we share a deep conviction as to the significance of the Constitution of the United States as the most important freedom document the world has ever known. Its essential world-changing concept is that governments are not established to provide liberty for people, but instead are instituted among mankind to protect people from those who would take away their liberty. The United States Constitution limits government. It was a most radical idea in 1787, and it remains a most radical idea today in the sense that all over the world, including in the United States, there are those who scheme all the day long to gain control of the institutions of government so that they might impose their will on others. When George Washington declined to assume unconstitutional permanent control of the government of the new American Republic, King George declared: "Washington is the greatest man of the age."

So, as I follow enthusiastically in the footsteps of my wife in love, I follow not only in her footsteps, but also in what I perceive to be the footsteps that Christ my Creator and Savior would have me follow. I follow in the footsteps of the great thinkers and doers of five thousand years of Western Civilization, and I follow in the footsteps of the Founders of the American Republic. These are the footsteps my wife and I joyfully follow together.

Thank you for honoring my wife. Thank you for your commitment to humanity, peace, prosperity and freedom!

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