ICAS Bulletin
Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc.

December 19, 2006

Charotia S Lee
ICAS Liaison Officer

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Charotia S Lee has been appointed as ICAS Liaison Officer, effective as of January 4, 2007.

Suyen Charotia Lee, a.k.a. Charotia Lee, a native of South Korea, emigrated to the United States at age of 17 and became a naturalized citizen.

Charotia enrolled in Northern Kentucky University majoring in international studies and mathematics with emphasis on statistics. She also studied international marketing in London through a study abroad program. Charotia is currently pursuing an MBA with a focus on project management and she completed all courses in December 2006.

Charotia's work experience includes human resource manager at a manufacturer of aerospace engine components, project manager at a website agency, and presently an aspiring entrepreneur at a data/information management company in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. In addition, Charotia directed educational TV production projects, computer labs, academic tutorings, medical billings, and 401(k) annual report productions.

Charotia commenced her association with ICAS in 2004.

The main objectives in life for Charotia are "to explore the future in my fullest capabilities personally and professionally, to make every experience as her learning opportunity and thus to gain knowledge and liberty and contribute back to all levels of society". Charotia is the youngest of three siblings and married with no child.

Thank you.

Sang Joo Kim / signed
Sr. Fellow & Executive Vice President

ICAS Fellow