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Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc.
January 22, 2016

to students aspiring to succeed lead and serve

ICAS Youth Excellence Program Workshop II

Developing Winning Strategy for College and Beyond
Success by ten

in partnership with
George Mason University Center for Korean Studies(Prof Young Chan Ro)
(list in progress)

January 30, 2016 Saturday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Merten Hall Room 1203
George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

6th-8th graders
9th-12th graders
College students
Graduate students
Law students
Medical students
Post graduate/professional students

hosted by

ICAS Youth Academy

What Are the Issues?

Early Start
Learning Curve
Population Dynamics
milieu and coordinates

How to Build Brain Power?
How to Enhance Academic Performance?
Getting into a Right Pipeline/Track
Finding a Right College/University
Perils/Pitfalls/Penalties of SAT-centric Approach
Breaking Out of Enclave of Language/Culture
Building Language/Culture/Intellectual Power

Bamboo Ceiling, Glass Ceiling, Sticky Floor,
Pigeonhold, Dead-End Career, Dead Wood
Building Building Blocks
Laying a Strong Foundation
Raising the Bar
Building Opportunity
Building Leadership
Opportunity Cost Opportunity Lost
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States
Founding Principles

Preparing for
College/University (BA, BS)
Finding Money for College/University
Graduate School (MA, MS, MPhil, PhD, DPhil)
Professional School (DDM/S, JD, MBA, MD, MD/PhD, MD/MBA)
Successful College Career
Successful College/University Career Development
Upper Mobility

ICAS Fellow
ICAS Associate
ICAS Intern
ICAS Volunteer
ICAS Member

Registration/Reservation RSVP by January 27, 2016
registration required
free of charge first-come first-served

On-Line Registration

Select participants may be eligible for invitation to participate in the following programmes*
ICAS Youth Strategic Leadership Conference* Washington DC
ICAS Youth Fellowship Award Contest.

[*limited to members of ICAS Youth Excellence Programme. Only registered to be admitted.]
No audio/video taping allowed.

For Inquiry, please email to ICAS@icasinc.org

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Thank you.


Sang Joo Kim
Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President

ICAS Mission
ICAS Youth Academy
ICAS Youth Excellence Program
ICAS Youth Fellowship Award
Hope is neither a strategy nor a course of action.
Wishful thinking is neither a strategy nor a course of action.
What is our responsibility to our future generations?
What shall we hand down to our children?
Without a legacy and heritage ... every generation starts over.