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Sean Halpin, ICAS intern, spent his childhood up until the age of twelve living in Korea, Taiwan, and mainland China while his father was a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department. During the spring and summer of 2004, Sean assisted in congressional lobbying and research in passing the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004 which passed unanimously in the House of Representatives. In preparation for North Korea Freedom Day, he helped coordinate and assist in the promotional operations for gathering volunteers in lobbying for the North Korea Human Rights Act. Additionally, Sean interned on the Congressional International Relations Committee, during the summer of 2004, where he worked directly on assisting staffers with the passage of the resolution. Following his 2004 summer internship on the House International Relations Committee, Sean served again as a committee intern during the summer of 2006 where he continued to work on issues pertaining to US foreign policy on East Asia. Sean was first introduced to ICAS during the 2005 Summer Symposium when he entered the ICAS Youth Excellence Fellowship Award Contest Invitational and won the Honorable Shinae Chun Award in recognition for his essay on "What I learned from the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights." In August 2007, Sean was appointed as ICAS Intern. For the past two summers, he has concentrated on improving his Mandarin Chinese language proficiency by enrolling in the University of Virginia’s Summer Language Institute in Mandarin Chinese and by participating in a US State Department Critical Language Scholarship program in Harbin, China. While in Harbin, Sean conducted a research project on Unit 731, the covert Imperial Japanese biological and chemical testing facility during World War II, where the Imperial Japanese military committed atrocities on Chinese, Koreans, Russians and Americans. Sean is a recent Phi Beta Kappa scholar graduate from the University of Virginia, where he double-majored in foreign affairs and economics.

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