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Michael Pillsbury

Michael Pillsbury is a Pentagon consultant, a member of the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Council on Foreign Relations. Michael has served in both Congressional and Pentagon staff positions. He spent a year as the special assistant for Asian Affairs at the Net Assessment Office of the Secretary of Defense, five years as U.S. Senate staff coordinator for the Congressional Task Force on Afghanistan, and was assistant undersecretary of defense for policy planning, in charge of preparing scenarios for long-term defense planning. Michael has served as a lecturer on the faculties of UCLA, University of Southern California, and Georgetown University, teaching East Asian politics.

He is also affiliated with Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University. Michael is author of China Debates the Future Security Environment (1999) and editor of Chinese Views of Future Warfare (1997).

Michael earned a PhD in political science from Columbia University, studied at Stanford and was Research Fellow, Harvard University Center for Science and International Affairs. He is National Defense Foreign Language Fellow in Chinese.

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