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Juan F. Ramos
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Juan Ramos has always been driven by the needs of the community where he was raised. He still remains in the same neighborhood. At an early age he became an activist in the political arena seeking socio-economic justice and political leverage for Hispanics in Philadelphia.Particularly, Juan has worked diligently pursuing the rights of workers through union organizing. These activities have led him to the island of Puerto Rico where he continuously vouches for the workers’ rights. His political leverage has augmented through his forming a voter registration and education project in the Delaware Valley. Yearly, Juan moves volunteers to register new Hispanic citizens and then trains them on the power and manner of their vote. For this alone, the political leadership in the country seeks him out for his expertise in this area.

The mission that Ramos has been carrying out in his adult life has been very beneficial to many residents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and throughout the rest of the states. The workers he has organized have a higher quality of live through the benefits of their respective unions. Juan is also the founder and creator of a scholarship organization which grants scholarships to needy families seeking to send their children to non-public schools. With the shortcomings of the public school system in Philadelphia, the organization has served the Hispanic community well.

He is, at the present time, Director of Fair Labor Standards for the City of Philadelphia. The department assures that contractors used by City government are paying the prevailing wages to their employees. Juan resides with his wife and daughter in the Junogi section of Philadelphia.

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