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July 20, 1999

  ICAS Seminar
August 13, 1999 Friday 7:00 PM
Dol Go Chon Korean Restaurant (215) 887-5527
           1907 Cheltenham Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027

Foreign Affairs Analyst, Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division, Congressional Research Service, U.S. Library of Congress, Washington.

to deliver an ICAS Lecture on

The Kor ean Peninsula Issues:

"Sunshine Policy" and North Korea
Japan's Posture and China's Sensitivity
U. S. Interests


Young Hwan Choi(U.S. Army veteran)

Sahang Hee Hahn(student, 10th grade)

Il Hwan Kim(entrepreneur)

Ung Kyu Park(minister)

Chung Ki Paik(essayist )

* Rinn Sup Shinn
- covering North-South Korea and Japanese politics.
- As co-author, contributed "political" chapters to over 40 volumes of area handbooks/country studies (U. S. Government Printing Office), including U.S. Army Area Handbook for Korea, 1964, 595 p.; Rinn-Sup Shinn, et al, Area Handbook for North Korea, 1969, 481 p.; Nena Vreeland and Rinn-Sup Shinn, Area Handbook for North Korea, 1976, 394 p.; Frederica M. Bunge, North Korea, A Country Study, 1981, 306 p.; Frederica M. Bunge, et al, Japan, A Country Study, 1982, 491 p. Among the reports prepared for U.S. Congress are: North Korea: Policy Determinants, Alternative Outcomes, U.S. Policy Approaches, 93-612 F, June 24, 1993, 22 p.; South Korea Under Kim Young Sam: Trends, Nuclear and Other Issues, 94-599 F, July 27, 1994, 21 p.; Japan's Foreign Affairs Establishment, 96-405 F, May 6, 1996, 28 p.; South Korea's Public Opinion and Electoral Politics: Impact on Its North Korea Policy, January 16, 1997, 6 p; and South Korea: "Sunshine Policy" and Its Political Context, May 27, 1999, RL30188, 29 p.


ICAS Fellow