Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Governor's Office


It gives me great pleasure to extend my personal regards and congratulations to you and to all Koreans as we honor President Dae Jung Kim by giving him award for freedom, the Philadelphia Liberty Medal, and proclaim July 3, 1999 as KOREA DAY in Pennsylvania.

Our great Commonwealth thrives on the diversity of the various cultural representatives that founded and continue to promote this great nation. With an estimated 75,000 Korean-Americans within the Commonwealth, the Korean- American community represents a vital dimension of Pennsylvania's diverse ethnic and social community. Today, we celebrate the ever-increasing number of Korean- American professionals, civic and business leaders who are making valuable contributions to the social and economic fabrics of our communities, our Commonwealth, and our nation. Their accomplishments and the success of their communities highlight the spirit of entrepreneurship and the value of family, community spirit and pride that has made this Commonwealth and this nation great.

As a Commonwealth, it is essential that we preserve the time honored traditions, cultures, and heritage we bring through our ancestry in an effort to pass along the promise of possibility and hope to our children. As Governor, I am pleased to commend the Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc. for an enduring service to promote and advance Korean-American affairs within the Commonwealth. It is through educational, social, and cultural programming, such as your efforts reflect, that we begin to note the vast differences of our world and celebrate the dynamic, enhanced, and expanded opportunities we bring to one another.

On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I congratulate you on this special occasion. As we take the time to appreciate the outstanding contributions of Korean- American citizens and communities to our Commonwealth, we pay tribute to a rich history and promising future that, together, we pursue with vigilance, dedication and faith.

July 3, 1999

The Great Seal
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


ICAS Fellow