ICAS     Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc


in collaboration with

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

ICAS Fall Symposium


China's Challenges Ahead:
economic, international relations and security issues

September 29 - 30, 1999
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Co-Sponsored by

Asiana Airlines



Speakers (ICAS Team) (as of September 7, 1999)
*Boucher, Jerry D. (ICAS Fellow; Adjunct Professor of Psychology, University of San Francisco) International Relations: Intercultural Interpersonal Communication
#Brown, William B. (Senior International Economist, Office of Chief Economist, U. S. Department of Commerce) Impact of Y2K on China's Economy
*Byrne, Thomas J. (Vice President & Senior Analyst, Sovereign Risk Unit, Moody's Investors Service) Investment Environment in China: Reward and Risk
*DeLisle, Jacques (ICAS Fellow; Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania) China's International Relations Concerns: The Strait Question and the East Asian Security Balance
*Kim, Synja P. (ICAS Fellow, and President, ICAS) Building Lasting Relations for Peace and Prosperity
#Klein, Lawrence R. (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; Benjamin Franklin Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania; Nobel Laureate)
*Lardy, Nicholas (Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution) Prospect for China's Economic Development and Reform
* confirmed
# yet to be confirmed
[list in progress]


Postponed to next year at the advice, as of September 17, 1999, of SASS


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