( Handout 1 for L.R. Klein's presentation to the ICAS 2003 Spring Symposium. )

Table 1. Gross domestic product and world trade

(Annual percentage change)

April 2003 forecastsOctober 2002 forecasts

2002 a/2003200420022003
Gross world product

Developed market economies
    United Kingdom
    United States
Memo items:
    Euro zone
Economies in transition
Developing countries
    Latin America and the Caribbean -
      Argentina -
    North Africa
    Sub-Saharan Africa b/
      South Africa
South and East Asia
    Korea, Republic of
Western Asia
    Oil-exporting countries
    Oil-importing countries

World export volume

Oil price (Brent, $/pb)

a/ Actual, or revised estimates.
b/ Excluding Nigeria and South Africa.