The ICAS Lectures


Introduction of Becky Norton Dunlop

Hayoung Yoo

ICAS Liberty Award Dinner

Cannon Caucus Room
United States Congress
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc.

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Introduction of Becky Norton Dunlop

Hayoung Yoo*

Good evening, everyone. Thank you, Dr. Kim, for this opportunity to introduce Becky Norton Dunlop. Becky Dunlop is currently the Vice President of the Heritage Foundation. She joined the Heritage Foundation in 1998 by our honoree tonight, Dr. Edwin Feulner. Prior to joining the Heritage Foundation, she was the Deputy Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel and Special Assistant in President Ronald Reaganís White House. From 1987 to 1989, she was the Deputy Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior and Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. She is the author of Clearing the Air, which discusses current environmental and natural resources challenges in the context of federalism. Becky Dunlop also is an ICAS Liberty Award Recipient and an ICAS Fellow.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Becky Norton Dunlop.

* Hayoung Yoo, ICAS Intern, is currently a junior at the University of Maryland in College Park, majoring in Government and Politics. She authored "My Coordinate and the Class Issues in the American Context" for which she won an ICAS Youth Fellowship Award, namely, the Becky Norton Dunlop Award for Excellence. In Summer of 2015, she spoke publicly for ICAS for the sixth time, where she presented and defended "The Founding Principles of America As I Know Them." She has been a member of the ICAS Youth Excellence Program since 2001.

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