March 13, 2017

Hayoung Yoo

ICAS Intern


Assistant to Vice President of Personnel
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, DC

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Hayoung Yoo, ICAS Intern, has been offered a position of Assistant to Vice President of Personnel of the preeminent public policy think tank Heritage Foundation, effective immediately, based in Washington, DC.

Hayoung graduated from University of Maryland in College Park in December 2016, majoring in Government and Politics. She authored "My Coordinate and the Class Issues in the American Context" for which she won an ICAS Youth Fellowship Award, namely, the Becky Norton Dunlop Award for Excellence. In Summer of 2015, she spoke publicly for ICAS for the sixth time, where Hayoung presented and defended "The Founding Principles of America As I Know Them."

Hayoung has been a member of the ICAS Youth Excellence Program of the ICAS Youth Academy since 2001.

She did three internships in her senior year 2016. They were with The Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, US Senator Bob Casey Jr in Washington, DC, and Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, DC, respectively.

Hayoung was the fourth ICAS Intern - Hae Jo Chae, Henry Choi, Jin Pyuo Lee - who earned the coveted Internship opportunity with The Heritage Foundation and she is an exemplary fruit of the innovative practice of the ICAS's "Let's Learn More About America" and the "Developing Winning Strategy for College and Beyond" for aspiring youngsters.

Hayoung, a graduate of Hatboro/Horsham High School in 2013, is a daughter of Moon Kyung Yoo and Choon Ki Yoo of Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Thank you.