May 30, 2019

Honourable Dov S. Zakheim

Senior Advisor CSIS
Senior Fellow CNA Corporation


ICAS Distinguished Fellow

Dear Friend:

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Honourable Dov S Zakheim has been named ICAS Distinguished Fellow, effective immediately.

Dov S. Zakheim is a Senior Fellow at CNA Corp. and a Senior Advisor at the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies). Previously Dov was Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton. Dr. Zakheim served as Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and DoD Chief Financial Officer (2001-2004) and as DOD coordinator of civilian programs in Afghanistan (2002-2004). From 1985 to 1987, he was Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources. Dov is an Executive Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations. He has served on Congressionally-mandated government commissions, the Defense Business Board, which Dov helped create, and chaired the National Intelligence Councilís International Business Practices Advisory Panel. Dov sits on several corporate boards and is Vice Chairman of both the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Center for the National Interest. He earned his B.A. from Columbia and his doctorate from Oxford. Dov is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Chatham House and is a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences. He appears frequently in the media and is a regular contributor to The Hill and The National Interest.Thank you.