September 4, 2019

Abigail Yang

ICAS Intern


The White House Internship Program 2019 Fall

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Abigail Yang - a Winner Qualifier (WQ) 2019 of the ICAS Youth Fellowship Award Contest administered by ICAS Youth Academy for her winning essay, "My Journey to American Dream - has commenced today the coveted White House Internship Program for the Fall 2019 term.

The White House Internship Program is a tremendous opportunity, and as such, participants in the Program must showcase the highest ethical and professional integrity.

Abigail, ICAS Intern, is a graduate of George Washington University with BA in psychology. Instead of displaying her humble and meager records to date, Abigail aims to dedicate her patriotic zeal and loyalty in fulfilling the agenda of the White House and thus contributing to the cause of a good fight which this nation needs. Obviously, she will apply her working knowledge and experience learned through the ICAS Youth Excellence Program in advancing the great American values and pursuing an eminence in preparing for a career in public service.

Abigail is a daughter of Grace and Mike Yang of Columbia, Maryland.

The ICAS Youth Excellence Program has hatched, to date, one Eagle Scout, five Heritage Foundation interns, one Rhodes Scholar, two Samsung Electronics Corporation interns, one West Point alumnus, one Harvard JFK student, and six White House interns, several up and coming entrepreneurs and many other promising next generation leaders.

Thank you.