June 2, 2020

David Lee

ICAS Intern


Hudson Institute Internship Program 2020 Summer

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that David Lee - Recipient of Becky Norton Dunlop Award for Excellence (www.icasinc.org/youth/yfellow/yawardbd.html) of the ICAS Youth Fellowship Award (www.icasinc.org/youth/yfellow/yfellow.html) administered by ICAS Youth Academy (www.icasinc.org/youth/yacademy.html) for his winning essay, "The Myths of Success: The Perpetual Cycle of Ethnic Expectations" (www.icasinc.org/2018/2018l/2018ldl.html; www.icasinc.org/youth/yproduct/yproduct.html) - has been selected to the Hudson Institute Internship Program for the Summer 2020 term.

David, ICAS Intern (www.icasinc.org/interns.html), is currently a rising 2L student at the George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC.

He is a graduate of American University '17 majoring in Political Science. David's work experience includes internship trainings at the following institutions.

American Enterprise Institute
Heritage Foundation
S & L Partners Global Law Experts Seoul
Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania
US Congressman Pat Meehan
US Senator Pat Toomey
White House

David presented "The Outliers of the Bell Curve: Society's Fundamental Misconception" at the ICAS 2014 Summer Symposium (www.icasinc.org/2014/2014m/2014msym.html), "The Disparity of the Successful" at the ICAS 2015 Summer Symposium, and "The Myths of Success: The Perpetual Cycle of Ethnic Expectation" at the ICAS 2018 Summer Symposium (www.icasinc.org/2018/2018m/2018msym.html), respectively.

He has been a member of the ICAS Youth Excellence Program (www.icasinc.org/youth/youth.html) of the ICAS Youth Academy since 2013.

Becky Norton Dunlop, ICAS Fellow (www.icasinc.org/roster.html) and Recipient of ICAS Liberty Award (www.icasinc.org/liberty.html), is presently Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow of The Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org).

Thank you.