July 26, 2020
ICAS Youth Fellowship Award

Contest Invitational 2020 Winner-Qualifiers

Isabelle Heng (A rising 12th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
Freedom Is Not Free

Madeline Heng (A Rising 10th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
Freedom and Personal Responsibility

Olivia Heng (A rising 11th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
America's Founding Principles

Leena Jang (A Freshman-to-be, Boston University '20, MA)
Aesthetics and Beauty

Min Gu Jang (ICAS Intern in Training)
America's Founding Principles and Their Enduring Legacies

Esther So (A rising 9th grader, Centreville High School, VA)
My Aspiration To Become An All American Girl

N B: All Winner-Qualifiers (WQ) will be awarded an opportunity, when they are ready,
to present and defend their work products at a given "ICAS Summer Symposium: The Korean Diaspora" platform
and they will be recognised at the ICAS Annual Liberty Award Celebration Dinner 2020.

Building An Intellectual Infrastructure and Muscle

Thank you.