ICAS  Summer Symposium

August 15, 2020 Saturday 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
via Google Meets

THE KOREAN DIASPORA: Challenges and Issues facing the Korean-American Community(KAC):
Identification, Critical Examination, Goal & Vision, Strategy, & implementation


Center for Korean Studies
George Mason
The Heritage Foundation

Opening Remarks Synja P. Kim (ICAS Fellow, President & Executive Vice President)
9:15 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
Young Chan Ro (ICAS Fellow; Professor George Mason University)
9:30 AM Freedom Is Not Free
Isabelle Heng (A rising 12th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
10:00 AM Freedom and Personal Responsibility
Madeline Heng (A rising 10th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
10:30 AM America's Founding Principles
Olivia Heng (A rising 11th grader, Ocean City High School, NJ)
11:00 AM Aesthetics and Beauty
Leena Jang (A Freshman-to-be, Boston University '20, MA)
11:30 AM America's Founding Principles and Their Enduring Legacies
Min Gu Jang (ICAS Intern in training)
12:00 PM My Aspiration To Become An All American Girl
Esther So (A rising 9th grader, Centreville High School, VA)
12:30 PM My Message to Youngsters: from ICAS Volunteer through US Military Academy (A video presentation)
Paul Koh (ICAS Intern; ICAS Youth Academy; US Army 2LT; USMA'15)
1:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Success: What Is It? How To Achieve It?
Soo Kim (Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation)
2:30 PM A Crisis Is A Catalyst: ICAS Youth Excellence Program: Developing Winning Strategy for College and Beyond: Raising The Game
Sang Joo Kim (ICAS Director, Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President)
4:20 PM Adjourn

* as a public service pro bono publico
** ICAS designates this educational activity for continuing education/professional development for a maximum of 1.00 hour credit commensurate with the extent of actual participation.
ICAS is not an agent of any government and/or a foreign principal (18 U.S.C.951), and solely supported by voluntary contributions.
ICAS is the "Go-to-Place" of the first order for American affairs, Korean affairs, Korean-American affairs,
and international/Washington relations.
1.8 million Korean-Americans reside in the USA. (Census 2015)
1.0 million Korean-Americans reside in the USA. (MPI 2017)
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