April 9, 2022

The Hon Ichiro Fujisaki
Nakasone Peace Institute

to address

The Ukraine Crisis, Northeast Asia and Indo-Pacific

ICAS Spring Symposium Veritas
Humanity, Liberty, Peace and Security
The Korean Peninsula Issues and US National Security

April 26 2022 500PM – 630PM EST Washington DC
April 27 2022 600AM – 730AM JSK Tokyo Japan

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Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki will address the virtual ICAS Spring Symposium Veritas on April 26, 2022 500 PM - 630 PM EST Washington DC.

Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki is currently President of Nakasone Peace Institute and President of the America-Japan Society of Japan. He had been a Japanese diplomat who served as ambassador to the United States from 2008 to 2012. Before that he was Ambassador to the United Nations and to the World Trade Organization in Geneva, serving as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. His other Ministry of Foreign Affairs posts include terms as deputy director-general for Asian Affairs, political minister in the Embassy of Japan in Washington DC, Director-General for North American Affairs before being appointed as the Deputy Foreign Minister.

He studied at Keio University, Brown University and Stanford University Graduate School.

Thank you.