March 30, 2022

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We are pleased to share with you a video record capturing the discourse with Kuk Song Kim below.

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* Kuk Song Kim answered to each of all submitted questions
Ryan Jang and Mary Yang are credited for translation

1. To what extent does the suryong - currently Kim Jong Un - rule individually, and to what extent are his close circle and participants around him in policy-making?

North Korea's governance system is a ‘one-man dictatorship’ by the suryong(leader), and everything, even road construction, is decided and carried out only with the approval of the ruler. Even the closest aides do not have the slightest autonomy and proceed and operate under the strict approval of the ruler. North Korea calls this a leader-centered, political and ideological unity.

2. How closely has North Korea worked with China, in developing strategies and tactics for dealing with the US? Can you give us a specific example or two?

North Korea and China share a pure blood alliance between Kim Il-sung and Mao Zedong. Both countries are based on a political topographical strategic relationship that puts national interests first, but it is not a suzerainty relationship. However, North Korea is clearly using this alliance to maintain the one-man dictatorship system. To give one example in the military field, by giving up an island in the East Sea of China, North Korea has been guaranteed very favorable conditions for battle, such as maintenance and oil replenishment necessary for the navigation of North Korean battleships, for a long period of time.

3. What are North Korea’s strategies related to human rights?

In North Korea, the words ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’ are banned words. North Korea prioritizes thorough blocking of external information and indoctrinates absolute loyalty to the leader. It also neutralizes people's conscience through ideological education based on North Korean socialist superiority. By doing this, people have a deformed sense of thinking, by which they do not know the world and can only live by being faithful to the leader.

4. Does Kim Jong-un ultimately want international recognition as a de facto nuclear state?

The goal that Kim Jong-un has pursued so far is to gain international recognition as a nuclear power. However, after a failed meeting with President Trump, Kim Jong-un has instead insisted on the theory of self-reliance, that only by possessing a stronger nuclear deterrence can NK become a nuclear power, whether or not recognized by the international community, including the United States.

5. For some, the recent (January 2022-present) DPRK missile launches appear to be a departure from the road to reconciliation. Others, however, believe the opposite - that DPRK is seeking to gain “face” and leverage in order to have dialog in the next few months. What is your assessment?

There is no such thing as denuclearization of North Korea. Possessing a super-strong nuclear deterrence is Kim Jong-un's unchanging revolutionary principle. There is no trade-off for denuclearization, no matter what kind of a lucky bag is offered. This is because denuclearization means the end of the NK hereditary system.

6. North Korea is known for hacking abilities, but what is your assessment of North Korea’s potential for technological development? Eg., robotics, driverless cars, Virtual Reality, crypto currency, etc.

North Korea's level of hacking capabilities is considered to be in the top 3 in the world. North Korea, which has been interested in cyber-terrorism since the early 1980s, opened Moranbong University under the 414 Liaison Office of the Workers' Party of Korea and has trained talented people from all over the country as cyber agents. Today, their level is world-class, with about 2300 people. Other sectors are still weak.

7. What is the most effective way to bring pressure to the North Korean regime to curtail their nuclear activities and continuous human rights violations?

As you know, the United Nations and the international community have imposed various sanctions and pressures on North Korea for a long time to prevent the North Korean regime from acting abnormally. However, nothing has changed, and the development of nuclear force and the violations of human rights based on it are increasing day by day. Rather than the previously failed diplomatic strategies, what is needed for the destruction of the Kim Jong-un regime is a state-of-the-art means. Sanctions and pressure will never deter North Korea's reckless behavior, but rather strengthen it.

8. What do you think Kim's ultimate strategic goal in the Korean Peninsula?

Kim Jong-un’s ultimate strategic goal is the Korean Peninsula’s red-colored unification based on South Korea’s political subjugation to North Korea.

9. What do you think is Biden's current NK policy?

Biden administration’s NK policy ultimately has been no different from the previous administrations. While good-diplomatic strategy is important, counter-measure strategy for failure is more important, and diplomacy must be practiced based on the latter not former. The current NK policy is merely a repetition of the previously failed NK policy, and it is basically falling into Kim Jong-un’s strategy.

The more time Kim Jong-un gets, he would likely grow delusional akin to that of Putin. There is an old saying in North Korea, “For a crazy dog, a beating stick is the best fit.” Before the danger grows further, I believe it is necessary to employ a unique and state-of-art technological military strategy. Although this idea is certainly not congruent to the US’s love for peace and opposition to war, I believe that preventing bigger disaster should be choice for good and a decision for the better. We must not forget the nuclear alliance between China, Russia, and North Korea. Kim Jong-un is the happiest and the most benefiting person observing the current Ukraine crisis. The core to that idea is that there is a lack of clear existence of the US military power. Gaining a hundred from one shall be the most beneficial strategy for the US for the current time. As I feel limited to explain this in writing, I would be ready to talk about this with the US’s strategic planners and I can surely become their eyes, ears, and the brain to assist in that.

10. Any words for the Biden team in dealing with the NK's nuke and missile programmes?

North Korea’s US strategy is a “taming the US strategy” based on its growing nuclear force, and the current Biden administration’s NK diplomacy strategy can never achieve denuclearization of NK but would rather reinforce their nuclear deterrence based on technological development in their nuclear force.

The North Korea’s nuclear force is the Excalibur that guarantees Kim Jong-un’s future and the hereditary system, and it is his means of survival. Therefore, if one expects any change from him by giving him some pieces of gold, it is as naïve as waiting for the star to fall from the sky.

Therefore, I may suggest to Biden administration, as the current NK policy of the US cannot induce change in NK’s inter/outer nation strategy, that it is necessary to employ a NK strategy that may be opposite to that from the past.

A wide and strong range of sanctions as well as a “tweezer-like” strategy shall be the most appropriate, reasonable, and practical strategy against North Korea.

Because North Korea is the only dictatorship nation in the world with its unique and barbaric ways, the North Korea strategy based on the American’s way of capitalistic view shall only make failures a hundred times out of a hundred times.

11. Who do North Koreans fear more; South Koreas, the Japanese, Chinese, Americans?

The North Korean people are indoctrinated by the deification of the leader through a thorough information blocking, so they are not afraid of any other people or country. Rather, they are proud of themselves as the people with the strongest individualism in the world. This is because the Workers’ Party of North Korea has mercilessly annihilated men’s free nature and independent sense of will.

12. Do you believe that Chairman Kim Jong-un continues to develop nuclear missiles regardless of the United States, or that he will launch an ICBM on the 110th birthday of Kim Il-sung?

Strengthening North Korea's nuclear deterrence is not a matter of yesterday or today, but a national strategic goal that was established 60 years ago. Therefore, no matter what kind of lucky bag the U.S. offers, Kim Jong-un will absolutely not give up his nuclear weapons and will rather reinforce a more advanced and ever-strong nuclear deterrence. Possession of nuclear force is directly related to Kim Jong-un's survival and future, and he will not give up such power. For the ICBM launch related to the 110th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung’s birthday, on the condition that Hwasong-17 was successfully launched a few days ago on the occasion of the April 15th holiday, an ICBM disguised as a reconnaissance satellite, a nuclear test, an SLBM launch, or any type of military provocation can be predicted. This is because the only way to boost the morale and loyalty of the people who are struggling with economic collapse is military provocation.

13. Having left North Korea so long ago, do you still feel as though you have an understanding of the current situation under Kim Jong Un?

Unlike capitalist countries, North Korea’s greatest priority and highest goal is the worshipping of the supreme leader (Suryong) and continual of the hereditary dictatorship system. Because any change in political line leads to the collapse of the entire hereditary system, the political structure and economic method of North Korea cannot be changed. Therefore, North Korea has not changed even 0.001% from its past, and what I am testifying is the reality that continues today.

14. What are the prospects for a peace treaty being signed between DPRK and US? If signed, would it improve ties between ROK, DPRK, and US?

The peace agreement between North Korea and the United States contains many complex variables and meanings, so I do not think that it is fitting to simply discuss this matter in this short period of time. However, the foremost thing to keep in mind is that North Korea is not a conventional country, but a bully nation with nuclear power. If any individual or country does not commit to a beneficial relationship with North Korea, it is instantly regarded as a pair of old and useless shoes to be thrown out. To think that the relationship between North and South Korea will improve in a good way with mere written documents, is the thought of a naive child, wishing for a star to fall from the sky. We must never forget that North Korea is the most unconventional bully nation in the world.

15. How have DPRK’s relations with Beijing evolved over the last couple of years (during the pandemic) and what is the current status of Kim’s relationship with Xi?

North Korea-China relations over the past three years due to COVID-19 have been maintained stable without any special situation or change. Frankly, to say that either country dominates the other is not the truth. However, what I can say is that North Korea-China relations originate from a traditional blood alliance based on Mao Zedong and Kim Il-sung, a time during which difficult hardships and trials were overcome together. Therefore, I believe that the relationship between Kim Jong-un and Xi Ji-ping will not only continue this traditional blood alliance, but also strengthen it. In particular, I think the relationship between Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping will strengthen more due to the political topographical characteristics of the US, China, and the Korean Peninsula.

16. What knowledge do you have of the status of abducted ROK and Japanese citizens, as of your departure in 2014?

**take note of: 대남 간첩 (an espionage agent against the South), 대남 공작 (operations against the South), 대남 방송 (propaganda broadcasting toward the South)

Because the number of abducted Koreans are categorized into those during and before/after the Korean War, it is difficult to numerically state the exact count. What I can say is that not only do many of these people fail to receive normal treatment like North Koreans, but also that their descendants under discriminatory influence are greatly hindered in their development. Only a small number of selected personnel works in limited organizations, including the intelligence agency of operations against the South.

As for the Japanese abductee issue, this is a very sensitive issue in North Korea-Japan relations, so I think it is not advisable to give an in-depth look at it here. However, they are collectively managed by the 56th Division of the United Front Division of the Workers' Party of Korea in certain areas of North Korea, and the evidence provided by North Korea so far is false in many cases.

17. Deterrence is about convincing an adversary that the cost of taking an action is greater than the benefits he will receive from the action. The ROK/US have failed to deter North Korean provocations like missile launches and continued production of nuclear weapons, apparently lacking a concept for a proportional response to Kim’s misbehaviors. Couldn’t outside information be used to impose a proportional cost, and if so, what kind of information would Kim fear most and how would you deliver it?

As I have said before, nuclear deterrence is the highest value and core value of Kim Jong-un's survival. Therefore, it is the matter of an absolute cost, not a proportional cost. Regardless of the lives of the people, NK will spur the strengthening of high-technology nuclear deterrence continuously. What Kim Jong-un fears most is a surprise attack by the most advanced US armed forces against North Korea. That is the biggest source of fear and anxiety for Kim Jong-un.

18. What can the West do to help the North Korean people change their regime? Did they know about the former President Trump’s speeches to the South Korean National Assembly, the United Nations, and the State of the Union describing the evil of Kim Jong Un’s rule?

What Western countries can do is to turn to a practical action strategy that can inflict a political and psychological blow to Kim Jong-un, rather than the past diplomatic strategies of humanitarian aid. When the socialist countries of the Eastern Bloc collapsed, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il were the ones who experienced the greatest anxiety. North Korea promotes humanitarian aid as tributes from capitalist countries that have surrendered to Kim Jong-un, and this type of aid rather supports Kim Jong-un's regime strengthening. Information, not only about the UN General Assembly, but also any of which that could harm Kim Jong-un, is fundamentally blocked. Therefore, it is not only the general public but also high-level officers who are unaware of such information. Only propaganda for the idolization of Kim Jong-un is the top priority.

19. Please share your insights on the effect of information slowly flowing into North Korea. What might be the effect of a greater information flow and what might be some unconventional strategies to increase the flow?

As many know, information has flown into North Korea in various forms and methods over a long period of time. However, such flow has not produced the expected results. The cause of such lackluster effect derives from having chosen a method based on a wrong diagnosis of North Korea's political system. Such strategies and tactics cannot bring about the collapse of the North Korean regime. To talk about non-traditional “unconventional” strategies in today’s brief discussion, I do not think it would be fitting.

20. I think the Inter-Korean relations under the Yoon government will be different from those under the Moon government. What do you think of it?

The emergence of the Yoon Seok-Yeol government, which aims to focus on the ROK-US alliance, is a major obstacle for North Korea. Kim Jong-un is already pushing President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol as a “confrontation fanatic” and “a mass of fire,” which signify Yoon as a war fanatic who would bring wars. I expect a cold war-like environment for a certain period of time, as Kim Jong-un will continue to destabilize the Yoon government with military provocations and riots by leftist forces in South Korea to test the strength of the Yoon government.

21. Korean government of President Moon is likely looking into North Korea and spying on South Korea, is that right?

The Moon Jae-in government is a pro-North Korea and a pro-China government that has been leaning for the success of pro-North and pro-China policies by denying the legitimacy of South Korea and destroying the US-ROK alliance. Therefore, over the past five years, the Moon administration has degraded the liberal democratic system, market economy, and national legitimacy of the US-ROK alliance by surrendering to and flattering Kim Jong-un, consequently weakening the US-ROK alliance and destroying Korea-Japan relations. This is a very serious act that has reversed the history of the ROK.

22. How do you evaluate on the relationship between Russia and North Korea?

The relationship between North Korea and Russia is an alliance based on socialist ideology in the essence of maintaining a strong alliance within a long historical bond. As the only president to visit North Korea for the first time in North Korea-Russia history, the present North Korea-Russia relationship that symbolizes the secret relationship between Putin and Kim Jong-un following Kim Jong-Il will not change in the future.

23. As a high-ranking intelligence officer within the RGB, you must have had some of the best situational awareness of the ROK and US in all of North Korea. But when writing their memoirs, some of the US’ most effective intelligence officers have been honest in where their understandings were biased, inaccurate, or complete. Since your defection from the North and integration into the South, what have you learned that most surprised you as an intelligence professional?

Though you might view me as biased and arrogant, I have not yet been surprised. Perhaps with time, I may feel such differences; however, until now, I do not see many differences from the information that I received before coming to Korea.

24. What do you see as the future for North Korea’s nuclear weapons in tandem to their cyber, and potentially chem & bioweapons as well?

North Korea's cyber technology has already reached world-class levels and is actively participating in global crime. The most important and representative cyber terrorism center is Moranbong University, affiliated with the 414 Liaison Office of the Workers' Party of Korea, and is currently under the General Bureau of Reconnaissance, operating in necessary strategic areas of North Korea including China and Southeast Asian countries. Chemical and biological weapons are North Korea's barbaric means of warfare, which are more dangerous than nuclear force. The means and quantities necessary for operational strategies and demands have already been sufficiently prepared. This is a means that is only possible in a monstrous country like North Korea.

25. Does NK regime have western style of Think Tanks for policy and strategy decisions? What is it like for the Kim Jung Un’s regime?

North Korea is a country of absolute dictatorship; there is no participation of civilian experts and private organizations in policy and strategic decisions. Therefore, an institution with a “think tank” function does not exist, and such a “think tank” is unimaginable. The North Korean system is a country that cannot conceive of a system based on such multilateral democracy. From one to ten, there are only organizations that are led and controlled by the Party.

26. What is happening with the rail line between the two Koreas?

There is absolutely nothing being promoted in relation to the railroad linking North and South Korea. Historically, as the political impact of inter-Korean relations has been an unavoidable aspect of inter-Korean economic cooperation, prospects for the future are not bright.

27. Sir, can you assess how strong the Kim Jong Un regime is? Is it vulnerable to any internal dissatisfaction? Is there any domestic effort to rebel against Kim Jong Un?

As the political structure of North Korea has been a one-man dictatorship for 80 years and created for hereditary politics, it is a difficult-to-overthrow one-man dictatorship and absolutism unique to North Korea; it cannot be easily collapsed. Therefore, an anti-government uprising or a military coup is unthinkable. Even if there is anti-Kim Jong-un sentiment among the people and executives, it is only an inner thought (analogous to breaking a rock with an egg) and can never be expressed to the outside. Upon discovery, the individuals are immediately executed.

28. What is the biggest misconception about North Korea at the current time?

As an unconventional nation that cannot be compared with any other country in the world, North Korea is a one-man dictatorship rule lacking political term and a modern-day slave society wrapped in socialism. This is important to know. However, people in many countries around the world do not understand this essence of NK. In other words, they approach North Korea in a capitalistic way of thinking. If one does this, he or she will inevitably be defeated. We must clearly understand the essence of what kind of country North Korea is.

29. Mr. Kim, will the North Korean people ever rise up against the Kim regime (perhaps like we say in the Arab Spring)? Is there anything the outside world can do to improve the human rights of North Koreans?

Anti-Kim Jong-un and anti-state conspiracies in North Korea are extremely rare. This is because North Korea has laid its own strong political foundation for a one-man dictatorship for nearly 80 years. Anyone who does not respond to Kim Jong-un is either imprisoned or unconditionally shot to death. To the people, imprisonment and firing squad execution are like talking about heaven and hell. Who would dare to stand up against Kim Jong-un. North Korea is a country where people cannot see, speak, or hear with their own eyes, ears, and mouth. In essence, bringing about a fundamental change in North Korean human rights is impossible as long as the current one-man dictatorship, Kim Jong-un, exists.

30. What is the political motivation for Kim Jong-un to continue to develop his missile inventory at a record pace? Along with nuclear test site being rebuilt?

The political driving force behind the rapid progress in missile development lies in Kim Jong-un's chronic political unrest. Kim Jong-un believes that only nuclear deterrence can protect the unrest in hereditary politics. In other words, Kim Jong-un believes that only nuclear deterrence can protect hereditary politics from the dangers of outside interference. Therefore, for Kim Jong-un, the strengthening of nuclear force is a pressing matter and a value of survival.

31. What do you believe to be the greatest strength of DPRK hackers? How does this compare to hackers from China and Russia?

The greatest strength of a North Korean hacker is, rather than skill, the lack of contrition coming from obeying the rule of Kim Jong-un that violates international law. For North Korean hackers, the law is nothing other than being faithful to the instructions and words of Kim Jong-un. I think this is the greatest difference between Chinese and Russian hackers.

32. Do you think it’s naive for the US to believe the DPRK will denuclearize?

The United States has been engaged in diplomatic negotiations with North Korea for nearly 30 years to come to the denuclearization of North Korea. However, the result did not lead to denuclearization but to the completion of North Korea's nuclear force. The U.S. must realize these lessons from its past and urgently correct its mistakes. I will close the answer to this question with Einstein's words, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

33. What is your advice to ROK-US Alliance leaders with respect to the People’s Republic of China?

The People's Republic of China is a country with unity based on the ideological center and organizational power as vitality. No matter how much a market economy is accepted through reform and opening up, the core of China’s political system is an ideological socialist system. I don't think we can win the confrontation with China with a capitalistic and American way of thinking about China.

34. Among North Koreans who reach the ROK, most are economic refugees and a small percentage are people who have run afoul of the DPRK government and fled. How often does the DPRK insert operatives within the pool of refugees, and to what degree are they successful in carrying out their missions?

Most of the defectors came to South Korea in search of freedom because they could not endure the human rights abuses and the harsh sufferings of life in North Korea. There are very few North Korean operatives in the South (that have been dispatched from Kim Jong-un’s inhumane notion), but their success rate cannot be ignored. However, because it is inappropriate to doubt all North Korean defectors as potential spies, the strengthening of investigative aircraft capabilities is needed.

35. How do you evaluate the threat of Whasong 17?

The North Korean ICBM Hwasong-17 is the last stage of an ICBM that has been promoted for a long time by North Korea's political strategy - an ICBM with a striking range to all corners of the earth. For the maintenance and succession of the regime, North Korea has set the most dangerous and threatening countries, U.S. and Western European, as targets. Kim Jong-un launched the monstrous Hwasong-17 as part of a multi-purpose military force demonstration to reaffirm his hard-line strategy to the U.S., in hopes that the U.S. would nullify denuclearization and rather respond to North Korea’s demands. North Korea seeks to resolve North Korea-US relations with the power of nuclear deterrence. It is completely based on power balance logic.

North Korea's ICBM is a strategic nuclear-armed missile developed to target the U.S. and Western Europe, and the Hwasong-17 launch is a final-stage nuclear ballistic missile. With the Hwasong-17 launch, North Korea is showing off its advanced nuclear deterrence in order to resolve North Korea-led, North Korea-US relations.

36. What do you think about the Northeast Asia political structure in the shrinking China decade?

The current political structure in Northeast Asia is understood as the conflict between China, which has rapidly grown into a G2 country, and the U.S. The core of Northeast Asian politics in the future is confrontation of the United States against the trilateral nuclear alliance of China, Russia, and North Korea, the former two implicitly approving the latter’s nuclear force. The roots of these countries are “socialism.” The NK strategy that I made in 2013, by the order of Kim Jong-un, to restore the Kim Jong-un-Xi Jinping relationship, was heavily based on a nuclear-centric theory. With great vitality, this strategy restored North Korea-China-Russia relations. In the future, I believe that Northeast Asian politics will bring about a fierce confrontation of the United States against the continental power, China, the assault power, North Korea, and the strategic supply power, Russia. To add a word, I think that the U.S.’s misdiagnosis of China in the 1970s has brought about the misfortune, today. Socialist ideology is like a contagious and poisonous mushroom that must be uprooted at an early stage. If not, everything becomes dominated by it in a second. This is a big lesson.

37. At what point does South Korea and others confront North Korea regarding their Missile launches and programs? What is your perspective and why?

Today, North Korea does not bargain or talk with any other country on nuclear or missile issues. It is because North Korea is convinced that only super-strong nuclear deterrence can sustain and succeed Kim Jong-un's hereditary politics. Therefore, no matter what kind of lucky bag is given in relation to the nuclear issue and the missile issue, North Korea’s stance will never change. Without any consideration, North Korea runs straight ahead under the principle of national self-defense.

38. It appears that the US has apparently failed to deter the development of the North Korean nuke and missile programs for the last several decades. Why do you think the US has failed?

There are many reasons why the United States failed, but the most important of them is that they do not know much about North Korea. You can never win a fight against North Korea with American-style capitalist values. North Korea is a unique, one-man dictatorship that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and is fundamentally different from previous dictatorships such as Iraq, Libya, and Zimbabwe. Currently, the level of U.S. strategists promoting policies against North Korea is below average. Also, South Korean information, which plays a pivotal role in North Korea's strategy, is also inaccurate. In the future, I believe that the US can achieve the desired results when pursuing a strategy to view and interpret North Korea through North Korean eyes. We need to recruit and train more practical North Korea experts.

39. What is your view on the potential significance of the political aspect of the recent ICBM tests?

As mentioned in the previous question, North Korea's ICBM test carries military and political significance that guarantees the present and future of Kim Jong-un with nuclear force. Kim Jong-un hopes to strengthen political unity internally through ceaseless demonstrations of nuclear force and to take the lead against and make surrender capitalist countries including the United States and South Korea.

40. Kim Jong-un has isolated North Korea because of fear and North Korea’s extreme vulnerability to the Covid virus. He has been honest in describing the deteriorating economy and major food shortages. Given this honesty, does Kim Jong-un also recognize that the deteriorating economy and food shortages and the medical system’s inability to contain the Covid virus severely weaken North Korea’s ability to conduct a war against South Korea and the United States?

Kim Jong-un's words and actions in relation to the coronavirus are a public fraud against the North Korean people. For Kim Jong-un, if the casualties caused by the corona virus are severe, the country will eventually collapse. No matter how dictatorial a country is, it has a difficulty coping with a large number of casualties. Thus, they made the worst choice of closing the border, and in the end, the people's lives had to undergo suffering and hunger, more severe than those of the North Korean famine (고난의 행군). This is why Kim Jong-un was so preoccupied in appeasing the NK people with remarks and actions. Trying to find the truth in Kim Jong-un is as ignorant as finding hot water in a well. Let me give you an example. In North Korea, there is a song that speaks of General Kim Jong-un’s struggles day and night, “Sleeping in the car and feeding himself with rice balls, it is very deep at night, so please rest quickly.” As you can see from the lyrics of the song, Kim Jong-un placates the people with lies and deceptions. North Korea is a hypocritical, one-man dictatorship that treats its people as insects, worse than dogs and pigs. Speaking of war capabilities, North Korea has never once believed that economic backwardness may lead to a weakening of war capabilities. Instead, North Korea insists on ‘ideology-first,’ activating more mental power in times of greater difficulty.

41. Do you have information on President Moon's family in NK?

North Korean intelligence agencies have saved detailed data about President Moon's family relationship. Based on such data, during the 10th reunion of separated families in July 2004, Moon Jae-in, who was then the head of the Civil Society in the Roh Moo-hyun government, and his youngest sister in North Korea reunited at Mt. Geumgang. This reunion was conducted with the well-prepared tactics of North Korean intelligence agencies. Moon Jae-in's family information is currently inappropriate to disclose, but I will disclose it when the opportunity arises.

42. Do North Korean elites have some kind of title to their housing property that indicates legal private ownership? Can this be traded, sold, or inherited?

No one in North Korea owns any property. All properties belong to the state. Therefore, ownership of housing properties also belongs to the state. North Koreans perceive housing as a gift that the ruler has given to the people, and they are brainwashed to believe it. Houses in North Korea are allotted by the administrative agencies strictly according to the Party's instructions, and all housing units built recently are allocated as gifts from Kim Jong-un. Such an apartment is called a Gift Apartment. After all, in North Korea, from ordinary citizens to the highest level, they cannot have a house as their own property. When committed a wrongful act to the ruler and party, one must return the house depending on the severity of the punishment. Therefore, in principle, transactions, sales, and inheritance as self-ownership are not permitted. However, in terms of inheritance, passing on a house where the parents lived to their children is up to the parents’ decision, and the state does not intervene. And housing transactions and sales are, in principle, illegal, but very few anomalous transactions do occur.

43. Do you have a strategic proposal as to how to Liberate NK?

The liberation of North Korea is a very urgent issue that cannot be overlooked any longer by the countries and people around the world who love freedom and peace. Today, North Korea has made the entire North Korean people into deformed human beings for nearly 80 years under the absurd hereditary theory of the Baekdu blood lineage, maintaining the brutal and barbaric one-man Kim Jong-un dictatorship. It has been long since North Korea today has changed into a human hell and human wasteland lacking trivial freedoms and human rights. Liberating North Korea is absolutely impossible only with sanctions and pressure from the United Nations or specific countries. North Korea is not a country that can be liberated in such a way. We need new strategies to act, not to speak with mere words. Only a strategy of action, yet in line with international public opinion, can ensure North Korea's liberation in a short period of time. I think it is right to describe that specific strategy in another meeting.

44. What is your view on the potential political significance of the political aspect of the recent ICBM test? And, how to stop it?

Regarding importance, I will answer the latter part because I answered the former part in previous question. As for how to prevent ICBMs, first of all, I focus on preemptive attack rather than defense. In reality, intercepting is difficult. Strategic and tactical firing is impossible to defeat no matter how good the interception system is. Currently, North Korea has prepared an ICBM attack based on such parallelism and is at a stage of strategic and tactical completion. I'd like to avoid military technical explanations.

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