January 26, 2023
March 2, 2023

The Hon Katsutoshi Kawano
ADM (Ret) Japanese Navy
Chief of Staff Joint Staff
Japan Self-Defense Forces

to address

Asia, Indo-Pacific and US National Security
What Can Japan Do?

ICAS Spring Symposium Libertas
Humanity, Liberty, Peace and Security

March 16, 2023 600 PM - 730 PM EDT Washington DC
March 17, 2023 700 AM - 830 AM JST Tokyo Japan

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We are pleased to share with you that Katsutoshi Kawano will address the virtual ICAS Spring Symposium Libertas on March 16, 2023 600 PM - 730 PM EDT Washington DC.

ADM Katsutoshi Kawano (Retired) is former Chief of Staff, Joint Staff, Japan Self-Defense Forces. A graduate of National Defense Academy with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Katsu was commissioned as a surface warfare officer in 1979. He earned a master's degree in lnternational Relations from Tsukuba University in 1990. ADM Kawano is also a graduate of Command and Staff Course at the US Naval War College. The ADM's career as a surface warfare officer includes assignments aboard JS Haruna, JS Shrrane, and JS Oyodo as Commanding Officer from August 1992 toAugust '1993. His fleet command assignments include Commander, Escort Division 3; Commander, Escort Flotilla 3; Commander, Mine Warfare Force; Commander Fleet Escort Force; and, Commander in Chief, Self-Defense Fleet prior to assuming his post as Chief of Staff, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force on 26 July 2012. Some of the most notable responsibilities he has held ashore are Director General, Administration Department MSO; Director General, Operations and Plans Department MSO; and Vice Chief of Staff, Joint Staff. ADM Kawano had served as the 5th Chief of Staff,Joint Staff from Olctober 14, 2014 until his retirement on Apri1 1,2019.

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