ICAS  Summer Symposium 2023: THE KOREAN DIASPORA

Challenges and Issues facing The Korean-American Community (KAC):
Identification, Critical Examination, Goal & Vision, Strategy, and Implementation

Korean Studies Center
George Mason University

(*subject to change)

August 12, 2023 1000 AM - 500 PM
Merten Hall 1202
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

On-line Registration


1000 AM Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
Welcome Remarks
1005 AM Young Chan Ro (ICAS Fellow; Professor, George Mason University)
American Values and Good Citizenship
1105 AM Sang Joo Kim
ICAS Youth Excellence Program: Developing Winning Strategy for College and Beyond: Raising the Game: Cutting 3%
1205 PM Esther So (WQ-HM; Rising 12th grader, Langley High School, VA)
The Old Man and the Sea
1235 PM Paul Koh (ICAS Intern; ICAS Youth Academy; former US Army 2LT; USMA'15)
My Message to Youngsters: from ICAS Volunteer through US Military Academy and Beyond (pre-recorded video)
110 PM Harold Pyon (Senior Advisor to Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia)
Keynote Address: Challenges facing Korean - / Asian - American Community
210 PM Ok Choon Park (Senior Fellow, McREL International)
Achieving American Dream: Education Education Education
310 PM Sahang Hee Hahn (ICAS Associate; Head, Strategy and Planning, Haven Life)
The American Dream from the Perspective of an Asian-American Millennial
410 PM Becky Dunlop (ICAS Fellow, ICAS Liberty Award Recipient, former Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow, Heritage Foundation)
America's Founding Principles and Great American Values (pre-recorded video)
510 PM Adjourn
(WQ-HM) Winner Qualifier-Honorable Mention of (ICAS Youth Fellowship Award Contest 2023
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REGISTRATION/RSVP by August 6 2023 1159 PM

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