Tim Beal

School of Marketing and International Business
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

After completing an MA(Hons) in modern Chinese studies at the University of Edinburgh, Tim Beal went on to do a Diploma in Business Administration followed by a PhD on China's terms of trade. He subsequently studied Japanese at Sheffield University and was Ferranti Research Fellow at the Centre for Japanese Studies at Stirling University. He has taught on subjects ranging from Chinese politics to international marketing at universities in Britain, Japan, China and New Zealand, where he moved in 1987. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington, where he currently teaches mainly international marketing, consumer behaviour and Internet marketing.

He was foundation director of the university’s Centre for Asia/Pacific Law and Business (CAPLAB), 1992-98. He was Secretary of the NZ Asian Studies Society 1995-8 during which time he edited the 2nd edition of the NZASIA Directory of Asian Studies. He created the society's website and a web version of the Directory.

He is currently Chairman and Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Research Institute of New Zealand (APRI) , Member of the Editorial Board of the NZ Journal of Asian Studies, and of International Quarterly Journal of Marketing, member of the Korea/NZ Business Council and a co-ordinator of The Asia Forum. He is a contributing author to PRNewsAsia of Singapore

He maintains various websites including:

DPRK -North Korea

Asian Studies Virtual Library: Asia Continent

He has a particular interest in North Korea, which he has visited twice. Tim Beal is a co-editor of Pyongyang Report, a bi-monthly newsletter available free by email, and Secretary of the NZ-DPRK Society. He is currently writing a book entitled North Korea’s Arduous March for Pluto Press of London.

He can be contacted at tim@timbeal.net.nz

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