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Daniel Bob is Chief Executive Officer of NYROK Partners, LLC. Dan is also a Principal at Canonbury Advisors. Previously he served as senior foreign policy advisor to the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, top advisor to the regulator of the $4 trillion secondary mortgage markets in the U.S., Japan-based fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, and senior advisor to a major U.S. law and lobbying firm.

While in the Congress, Dan played a leading role in ensuring annual grants of normal trade relations to China from 1996-99 and permanent normal trade relations for the country in 2000, the last major obstacle to China’s entry to the World Trade Organization. He was also an instrumental force in the indefinite and unconditional extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; the formulation of the U.S. response to the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98, Hong Kong’s reversion to China and the threats posed by North Korea’s nuclear ambitions; the enhancement of U.S.-Japan trade and security relations; the development of U.S relations with Burma and U.S. diplomatic recognition of Vietnam; enhanced trade relations with Laos; and FTAs with Singapore and Australia.

A life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dan was named by the Center for Strategic and International Studies to its Next Generation Project for Future Leaders in American Foreign Policy. He also helped found and served as director of the Congressional Study Group on Japan. Dan has been an adviser to China’s Pudong Academy of Development and Japan’s Diet Constitutional Research Commission, served as a visiting scholar at Keio University; participated in the Trilateral Commission; contributed to national intelligence estimates; and was part of the group that produced the first Armitage report, which has served as the blueprint for U.S.-Japan relations under the Bush Administration. Dan also played significant roles in the entrance of Slovakia and Slovenia to NATO, Indonesia’s political reforms of the 1990s, and developments in the Pacific Islands.

A graduate of Yale and Harvard Universities, and a former Fulbright Scholar in Fiji, Dan is the author of a book in Japanese investment in the United States, has had articles published in numerous periodicals and appeared frequently as a speaker and commentator on U.S.-Asia relations and U.S. economic, trade and foreign policy.

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