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Hwa Kyung Chae
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Hwa Kyung Chae, ICAS Intern, was born on 8 September 1980 in Seoul, South Korea. At the very young age of 11 months, she immigrated to the United States with her mother and father. Even though she did not experience a memorable childhood in her native Korea, she is fluent in both written and oral Korean as well as knowledgeable of the history, culture and traditions of her native Korea.

In the fall of 1998, Ms. Chae entered the School of International Service at American University, located in Washington, DC. There, she majored in International Studies: Law and Politics. During the spring 2000 semester, she studied at the College for International Studies (CIS) in Madrid, Spain. While in Spain, Ms. Chae interned for the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, assisting in translation and research for the Consul of Political Affairs and the Office of Economic Affairs.

For her 2000 2001 academic year, rather than graduate early, she chose to take a one-year leave of absence to study in Korea, where she had not been for nearly twenty years. There, she studied at the Yonsei University Korean Language Institute, located in Seoul. She received her BA from American University in May 2002.

Ms. Chae is currently pursuing an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, also at American University. Her field of study is "Application and Intervention of Conflict Resolution in Asia and the Middle East." Her intended date of graduation is May of 2003.

Ms. Chae recently completed an internship with the International Law Institute and is currently preparing for the 2002 US Foreign Service Exam and hopes to enter the Foreign Service in the near future. Should time grant her, she hopes to attend law school and study international law.

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