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Rev. Yongjin John Jin
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Yongjin John Jin is a church pastor, who specializes in dealing with issues of church reform. He believes that church reform is one of the most prominent problems that the Korean American communities face today. In his own church, he tries to address this problem by emphasizing the importanca of free will offering, abolishing the traditional clerical hierachy found in most Korean churches and showing faith through good works. Through these changes, one shoul able to truly live the life of religion.

In support of his ideas, he has translated into Korean, "The Journey of Life", a book by Thomas L. Kline, which gives a personal meaning to the Exodus story with special applications to marriage. He has also translated other New Church works.

Rev. Jin is a graduate of Inchon National Teachers College and Kyonggi University. He earned his Master of Divinity from the Academy of the New Church Theological School and ordained as a priest. He is currently in-training through the America Association of Marriage and Family Therapist psychotherapy internship as the Penn Council For Relationships. He has taught and lectured in many schools and institutions. Currently, he is serving the Korean community as a pastor of the Philadelphia New Church and a Family and Marriage Counselor.

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