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Jonathan Jung Nam Kim
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Jonathan has been living in Philadelphia since 1975. He was appointed as the 28th president of the Korean-American Association of Greater Philadelphia in Oct, 2000.

Jonathan graduated from Geon-Kuk University in 1969. After his graduation, he joined the Army Force. He then worked 5 years for Lehi-Valley Dairy Co. He also acquired PA agriculture Inspector license while working for Lehi-Valley Dairy Co.

In 1981 John was the first Korean in Philadelphia to open White-Gold Man Inc. which was a wholesale store. Given his love for animals, Jonathan decided to open a pet shop called, "Birds, Birds, Birds" in 1983. He has been running Birds, Birds, Birds since then.

Jonathan has devoted himself to the Korean community in Philadelphia and he joined the Korean-American Association of Greater Philadelphia in 1999. And he has also been fundraising for an activity center since he became president.

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