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Mark Steven Kirk
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Mark Kirk represents the 10th Congressional District of Illinois located in the suburbs north of Chicago. Congressman Kirk, a vice president of the sophomore class, serves on the Appropriations Committee. Congressman Kirk wrote a number of provisions which became law, including, funding for commuter rail, improving veteran's health care, ensuring military voting, and boosting aviation security. Congressional Quarterly recently named Congressman Kirk as one of the "28 Emerging Leaders in Congress."

Kirk began his career on the staff of his predecessor, Congressman Porter. He later served in the World Bank, the State Department, the law firm of Baker & McKenzie, and the U.S. House International Relations Committee. Congressman Kirk served as a Naval Reserve intelligence officer during conflicts with Iraq, Haiti, and Bosnia. He served four tours at sea and three in Panama. The U.S. Navy named Kirk 'Intelligence Officer of the Year' in 1998 for his combat service in Kosovo. Kirk also served in combat over Iraq as part of Operation Northern Watch. Representative Kirk graduated from New Trier High School and attended the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico before earning a B.A. from Cornell. He holds a Masters Degree from the London School of Economics and a law degree from Georgetown.

Congressman Kirk and his wife, Kimberly, live in Highland Park, Illinois.

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