Sergei O. Kurbanov

Sergei O. Kurbanov, ICAS Fellow is currently a full-time professor of the Faculty of Asian and African Studies of the St Petersburg State University in Russia and Director of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Study of Korea.

His PhD thesis (1992) described the Korean land system of the Koryo period (10-14th centuries) based on comparison between privately and officially published Korean medieval history texts. The Habilitation thesis (2005) presented the first Russian translation of the Confucian classic Book of Filial Piety and an analysis of a large number of Korean medieval and modern texts on Confucian morals.

Sergei has published more than 100 works (including 5 monographs) about Korean history (medieval, modern, contemporary), philosophy, modern politics and economics of North and South Korea.

Sergei teaches more than 25 university disciplines covering various fields of Korean Studies. Among them - North Korean Juche and newly developed North Korean "Ideas of Priority of Army" - "Son Gun Ideas" (one semester special course).


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