Mark Baxter Lambert

Mark is the newly appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Japan and South Korea. He has an extensive experience in East Asia. He recently finished a tour in the International Organizations Bureau where he was nominated for a Meritorious Presidential Rank Award for his efforts in designing a plan to defeat China’s candidate to lead the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Previously, Mark served as the Special Envoy for North Korean Affairs where he participated in negotiations with the DPRK aimed at the denuclearization of that country and devised and implemented a global pressure campaign to cut off hard currency to Pyongyang. He also served as the Director of the Office of Korean Affairs where he managed a 17-persons team addressing US relations with the Republic of Korea and with the DPRK.

Mark has also served in Vietnam, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, the United Nations, and Bogota and has studied Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

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