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Jay P. Lefkowitz

Jay P Lefokowitz is a litigation partner in the New York City office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Jay serves on Kirkland's Worldwide Management Committee (member); Administrative Committee (co-chair); Firmwide Development Committee (member); and the New York Operations Committee (member). With more than 20 years of experience, he has appeared in court in 30+ states. Jay has also appeared before several federal agencies and conducted a variety of internal investigations. In addition, he provides strategic counseling on regulatory and legislative matters.

Jay has successfully sued several federal agencies in both the U.S. District Court and U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in cases involving questions of administrative law. He currently represents several individuals and public companies in various matters before the Securities Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice, and serves as lead counsel in several securities class action appeals and arbitrations.

Jay has had a distinguished career in public service. He served as President Bush's Special Envoy on Human Rights in North Korea, a position to which Jay was appointed on August 19, 2005, pursuant to the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004.

From 2001-2003, Jay left Kirkland to serve in the White House as Deputy Assistant to President Bush for Domestic Policy and as General Counsel in the Office of Management and Budget. In these roles, he was one of the President's senior advisors on domestic policy, legal and international development issues. Earlier in his career, Jay served in the White House as Director of Cabinet Affairs and Deputy Executive Secretary to the Domestic Policy Council for President George H. W. Bush.

Jay's work as a lawyer and diplomat has been featured in many newspapers and magazines throughout the world. He has also been profiled in The Washington Post, "A Hard-Nosed Litigator Becomes Bush's Policy Point Man," in connection with his role as an advisor to the President; in Global Forensics, "Subprime Crisis Stirring Up New Wave of Litigation, Says Kirkland's Lefkowitz," highlighting his expertise on the subprime crisis; in "What Ever Happened to Jay Lefkowitz?" highlighting his post-White House pursuits; in a cover story in The American Lawyer, "Blackboard Jungle," for his work successfully arguing in support of school voucher programs in Wisconsin and Florida; in The National Law Journal, "Republican Connected and Rising;" in Columbia College Today, "Shuttle Diplomat;" and in several Wall Street Journal editorials.

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