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Dr. Ben Q. Limb is a member of the Foreign Affairs Advisory Council to President-Elect Roh Moo Hyun Roh of the Republic of Korea. During the 2002 presidential election, Ben served as a Special Advisor to then candidate Roh Moo-hyun on foreign public relations with focus on the Korea-U.S. relations. In 1997, he assisted then presidential candidate Kim Dae-jung as his Special Advisor on foreign media and the Korea-U.S. relations. After the 1997 election, Ben resumed his law practice working as a Senior Advisor to Bae, Kim & Lee which is one of the premier law firms in Korea. During his tenure at the law firm from 1998 to 2002, he focused on major cases relating to inter-governmental matters, transnational mergers and acquisitions, cross-border investments, regulatory issues, corporate restructuring, privatization, and consular processing at the U.S. Embassy. In May 1999, Ben served as a legal counsel to then Governor Tom Ridge of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (currently, Secretary of U S Department of Homeland Security) during his trade mission to the Republic of Korea. For approximately 33 years since 1964, Ben lived in the United States until his return to his native country of Korea in 1997. Prior to his return to Korea, he practiced law in New York City. Ben is a member of the New York State bar. From 1987 to 1992, Ben advised the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia/Pacific Affairs of the United States Congress on policy matters and Congressional hearings dealing with South Korea and inter-Korean issues.

He graduated from St. John's University Graduate School with Ph.D. in International Law & Relations in 1979, followed by a conferral of a Juris Doctor degree by New York Law School in 1984. Ben also graduated from Seton Hall University with M.A. in Asian History and Government in 1969. He is married to Mary Shinkawa and has two grown daughters.

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