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John S. Park

Research Associate
Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention
United States Institute of Peace

John Park, ICAS Fellow, focuses on Northeast Asian security issues and U.S. foreign policy toward the region. John is the coordinator of USIP's Korea Working Group, a consultative body comprising senior experts from the government and think tank communities. His current research examines multilateral diplomatic efforts to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis. John has been conducting extensive research interviews with core government policy advisers from each of the Six-Party Talks member countries. Prior to joining USIP, John worked in Goldman Sachs's public finance group in New York. Prior to that, he was the Project Leader of the North Korea Analysis Group, a 'Managing the Atom' working group at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. John previously worked in Goldman Sachs's M&A Advisory Group in Hong Kong and The Boston Consulting Group's Financial Services Practice in Seoul. In both positions, he specialized in post-Asian financial crisis economic restructuring in South Korea. John's writings have appeared in Asian Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Korea Times, Korea Herald, Globe and Mail, and Japan Times. He has also commentated on the Six-Party Talks on BBC World Service, CNN, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg TV, NPR, and Reuters.

John received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University. He completed his pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University.

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