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Rinn-Sup Shinn
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Rinn-Sup Shinn (aka. Rinn S. Shinn).

EXPERIENCE: Foreign Affairs Analyst, Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division, Congressional Research Service, 6/1991-present. (Covers North-South Korea; Japanese politics)

Lecturer [on North Korea], Foreign Service Institute, Department of State, 1970-1994; "Distinguishing Visiting Lecturer," since March 1994.

Political Scientist, Government Division, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress; 3/1988-5/1991.

Senior Research Specialist, (Federal Research Division, Library of Congress), 7/1986-2/1988; prepared chapters on China (history), Vietnam (society and culture), and Cambodia/Thailand (political dynamics and foreign affairs) under the Department of the Army-sponsored "area handbooks/country studies" program.

Research Professor/Senior Research Scientist, (Foreign Area Studies, The American University, Washington, D. C.), 8/1962-11/85; co-authored some 40 country studies under the Department of the Army-sponsored foreign affairs program. Served also as chairperson/editor of studies on North Korea, China, Greece, and Italy.

Course chairperson, "Advanced Area Seminar/Korea," Foreign Service Institute, Department of State, 1981-1982.

Guest lecturer/consultant on Korean affairs, 1969-present, for a number of governmental agencies and private corporations.

SERVICE TO THE PROFESSION: Chairperson, Committee on Korean Studies, Association for Asian Studies, 1980-82

EDUCATION: Seoul National University; Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, B.A, cum laude 1957); and Georgetown University, M.A., 1961

RESEARCH TRAVEL: North Korea (October-November 1980--To do research on North Korean leadership succession; and to discuss the issue of scholarly communications and exchanges with the Academy of Social Sciences). South Korea (once a year since 1991).

PUBLICATIONS: As co-author, contributed "political" chapters to over 40 volumes of area handbooks/country studies (U. S. Government Printing Office), including U.S. Army Area Handbook for Korea, 1964, 595 p.; Rinn-Sup Shinn, et al, Area Handbook for North Korea, 1969, 481 p.; Nena Vreeland and Rinn-Sup Shinn, Area Handbook for North Korea, 1976, 394 p.; Frederica M. Bunge, North Korea, A Country Study, 1981, 306 p.; Frederica M. Bunge, et al, Japan, A Country Study, 1982, 491 p.

Among the reports prepared for U.S. Congress are: North Korea: Policy Determinants, Alternative Outcomes, U.S. Policy Approaches, 93-612 F, June 24, 1993, 22 p.; South Korea Under Kim Young Sam: Trends, Nuclear and Other Issues, 94-599 F, July 27, 1994, 21 p.; Japan's Foreign Affairs Establishment, 96-405 F, May 6, 1996, 28 p.; South Korea's Public Opinion and Electoral Politics: Impact on Its North Korea Policy, January 16, 1997, 6 p; and South Korea: "Sunshine Policy" and Its Political Context, May 27, 1999, RL30188, 29 p.

Independently published are the following:

"Changing Perspectives in North Korean and Reunification Policies," Problems of Communism, XXII, No. 1, January-February 1973, 55-71.

"North Korean Policy Toward South Korea," 85-104 in Young C. Kim (ed.). Major Powers and Korea, Silver Spring, Maryland: Research Institute on Korean Affairs, 1973.

"North Korea in 1981: First Year for De Facto Successor Kim Jong Il," Asian Survey, XXII, No.1, January 1982, 99-106.

"North Korea in 1982: Continuing Revolution under Kim Jong Il," Asian Survey, XXIII, No.1, January 1983, 102-109.

"Political Trends in North Korea and Their Implications for Inter-Korean Relations," Korea Observer [Seoul], XIX, No.4, Winter 1988, 387-423.

"Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo: Motives, Contexts, and Implications," Korea and World Affairs [Seoul], XIV, No. 4, Winter 1990, 626-648.

"Korea" in the 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981 editions of

The Americana Encyclopedia Annual Yearbook.

"North Korea: Squaring Orthodoxy with Reality," pages 85-134 in Donald N. Clark (ed), Korea Briefing 1991, Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press (published in cooperation with The Asia Society), 1991.

"The United States and the Two Koreas: An Uncertain Triangle," in Kim Young Jeh (ed.), The New Pacific Community in the 1990s, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1996.

CONGRESSIONAL EXPERT TESTIMONY: Expert testimony on "Korean-American Relations" before the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, June 1, 1978.



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