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Robert Sutter, ICAS Fellow, became a Visiting Professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in August 2001.

Dr. Sutter specialized in Asian and Pacific Affairs and US foreign policy in a US government career of 30 years. He held a variety of analytical and supervisory positions with the Library of Congress for over 20 years, and he also worked with the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After leaving the Library of Congress where he was for many years the Senior Specialist in International Politics for the Congressional Research Service, Dr. Sutter served for two years as the National Intelligence Officer for East Asia and the Pacific at the US Government's National Intelligence Council.

He received a Ph.D. in History and East Asian Languages from Harvard University. He has held adjunct faculty positions with Georgetown, George Washington, and Johns Hopkins Universities and the University of Virginia. He has published 12 books, numerous articles and several hundred government reports dealing with contemporary East Asian and pacific Countries and their relations with the United States.

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