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Michael V. Woodall, Ph.D.
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Dr. Woodall has worked in various aspects of education for the past 35 years. He has taught in elementary and secondary schools in addition to five colleges and universities. Administratively, he served as an elementary school principal, as an assistant superintendent in charge of instruction and curriculum and as an assistant superintendent for operational management and has 22 years of experience as a superintendent in three states.

During his educational career, Dr. Woodall has made major strides in providing quality programs to meet the diverse educational needs of all the children in the districts he served and has worked tirelessly to eliminate ineffective programs and reduce unnecessary costs. Dr. Woodall has developed a learning model which is appropriate for any level of learning from childhood to adulthood and has written and published a manual for school discipline. He has conducted seminars and training programs for corporations, national and state educational groups, and local school districts in addition to publishing numerous articles for newspapers and national educational publications.

While completing his doctoral studies at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Woodall worked for the State Department of Education. He served as the Chief Staff Member of a committee of the General Assembly and had the privilege of working with the State Attorney General to recodify the School Laws of South Carolina. During his superintendency in Delaware, Dr. Woodall served as a lobbyist for the Delaware School Superintendents working toward strengthening local educational programs. He also served as an advisor to the Majority Leader of the Delaware House of Representatives and to the Chairman of the Delaware Legislature Joint Finance Committee. As a superintendent in South Carolina, he served as an advisor to the South Carolina General Assembly. Additionally, Dr. Woodall has served as an advisor to the companies in California, Connecticut, and New York, working to improve educational programs and materials available to school districts

. Dr. Woodall has been named Superintendent of the Year by various organizations. He has received numerous awards and commendations from the states of South Carolina and Delaware for his work. Dr. Woodall has done post-graduate work at Columbia University and the University of Southern California. In addition to being a professional educator, Dr. Woodall has served on two school boards.

Currently he is serving a third term as Superintendent of the Norristown Area School District. In addition to his duties as superintendent, Dr. Woodall is Treasurer of the Pennsylvania League of Urban Schools (PLUS). As superintendent of the Norristown Area School District, Dr. Woodall is responsible for raising test scores and instituting extended learning opportunities for children. He has established student performance standards and developed and implemented a 4.9 million dollar technology upgrade of the Norristown Area School District including a state of the art FIBER OPTIC network linking each of the districts 12 buildings. He has revised math and science programs and revitalized programs for unsuccessful students. He has also strengthened student discipline and revised special education programs.

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