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The Hon Tony P. HALL

ICAS Fellow


January 7, 2000

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that The Honorable Tony P. Hall, a member of United States House of Representatives, has become ICAS Fellow.

Congressman Tony P. Hall, of Dayton, Ohio has been an outspoken advocate for combating world hunger, protecting human rights, and promoting humanitarian causes -- including basic education, adult literacy, immunization and other child survival programs, and sustainable agriculture in developing countries.

He has visited numerous poverty-stricken and war-torn regions, including those in North Korea, Sudan, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Bosnia, Angola, Rwanda, Somalia, Peru, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and Haiti. Congressman Hall has a record of consistently following up on these visits by working to assist the needy people of these nations through legislative and other channels.

Congressman Hall has sponsored legislation to help immunize the world's children against major diseases, and to increase U.S. funding for Vitamin A and other basic health programs. He has supported legislation to expand, improve and extend U.S. programs that provide food assistance to other nations. Most recently, he sponsored a successful amendment to the 1996 Farm Bill to extend U.S. food aid programs until 2002.

He also has worked on numerous domestic initiatives -- promoting micro-enterprise projects that create jobs, gleaning initiatives that provide the needy with food, efforts to ease food-stamp cuts, and the 1997 "Hunger Has a Cure" campaign. In 1997, Congressman Hall introduced legislation calling on Congress to apologize for slavery.

Congressman Hall also has worked actively to improve human rights conditions throughout the world, especially in the Philippines, East Timor, Paraguay, South Korea, Romania, and several countries of the former Soviet Union. He has led efforts to call attention to the plight of refugees around the world, to secure additional U.S. funding to assist refugees, and to expand the activities of the U.S. State Department to protect civilians during armed conflict. In 1994, Congressman Hall joined two others in nominating Bishop Carlos Belo for the Nobel Peace Prize, which Bishop Belo won in 1996.

Congressman Hall is the founder and co-chairman of the Congressional Hunger Center, a non-profit organization. He served as Chairman of the House Select Committee on Hunger from 1989 until it was abolished in 1993, then fasted for 22 days to draw worldwide attention to the scourge of hunger.

He has served as the U. S. Representative for Ohio's Third District since 1979 and serves on the House Committee on Rules and chairs the House Democratic Task Force on Hunger.

A native of Dayton, Ohio and a graduate of Denison University, Congressman Hall began his public service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, teaching English during 1966 and 1967. He served in Ohio's House of Representatives from 1968 to 1972, and in Ohio's Senate from 1972 to 1978. He and his wife, Janet, have two children.

Congressman Hall was recently honoured with ICAS Liberty Award for his exemplary commitment and sustaining contribution to promote humanity and peace in those areas of the world stricken with poverty and torn by war.

Thank you.


Sang Joo Kim / signed
Sr. Fellow & Executive Vice President


ICAS Fellow