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No. 1905-0729-DOC

The Taft-Katsura Agreed Memorandum

July 29, 1905

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[Editor's note: We gratefully acknowledge the contribution to ICAS of this document from the United States Library of Congress and University of Washington Library, respectively.

The first document below is a photocopy of "President Roosevelt's Secret Pact with Japan" by Tyler Dennett, which appeared in the October, 1924 issue of The Current History Magazine. Professor Dennett supplied a photostat of the original document, and a transcription of that document. sjk]


Professor Dennett's 1924 paper, which made public the Taft-Katsura memorandum of agreement, had some names and some of the text from the original photocopies blacked out. ICAS has subsequently acquired photocopies of the original, un-redacted documents, along with the covering cable from William Howard Taft, Secretary of War, to Elihu Root, Secretary of State of the Theodore Roosevelt Administration. The first section of this new version is a typed copy of the original memorandum, with penciled-in touch and corrections and the note that the copy was prepared for Lloyd Carpenter Griscom, U.S. Minister to Japan. In his cover note Taft stated that he was withholding the document from Griscom unless Root agreed to show it to Griscom.

This full original version is available in PDF format.

A link to this original version also appears below, after Dennett's paper. sjk

The full original document is available here in PDF format.

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