ICAS Youth Excellence Program Workshop II
Developing Winning Strategy

Success by ten

April 10, 2010 Saturday 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Montgomery County Community College
Cathcart Annex Room 11
340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422

Post-mortem Analysis and Critique
Presentation of Experience
Leadership Training Conference Washington DC March 30 2010

Preparing for
College/University (BA, BS)
Finding Money for College/University
Graduate School (MA, MS, MPhil, PhD, DPhil)
Professional School (DDM/S, JD, MBA, MD/PhD, MD/MBA)
Launching a Successful College Career
Preparing for Post-College/University Career Development
Upper Mobility

Early Start
Learning Curve
Population Dynamics
milieu and coordinates
How to Build Brain Power?
How to Enhance Academic Performance?
Getting into a Right Pipeline/Track
Finding a Right College/University
Perils/Pitfalls/Penalties of SAT-centric Approach
Breaking Out of Enclave of Language/Culture
Building Language/Culture Power
Opportunity Cost Opportunity Lost

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