Matthew D. Lee Award for Excellence

Endowed ICAS Youth Fellowship Award

The Matthew D. Lee Award recognizes those young people who demonstrate achievements with high distinction in varied areas including academic performance, business prowess, community service, leadership roles, public affairs and scholarly work. The Awardee will receive prize money or an ICAS Travel Grant and a Certificate as part of the ICAS Youth Excellence Fellowship Award at an annual "ICAS Summer Symposium: The Korean Diaspora."

A purpose of The Matthew D. Lee Award is to help nurture, challenge and develop aspiring young people to model after his distinguished accomplishments in the pursuit of the American Dream; peace and prosperity, thus honouring his lifetime legacy.

Dr. Matthew D. Lee, recipient of ICAS Liberty Award and ICAS Fellow is Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Allied Technology Group Inc.

The Matthew D.Lee Award for Excellence is the eighth endowed Award in the list of the ICAS Youth Excellence Fellowship Awards.

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