The ICAS Youth Excellence Program

Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc.

August 13, 2003

An Educational Trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
August 22, 2003 Friday 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Opening Young Minds

Meeting & Briefing

State Representatives
State Senators
The Hon Edward Rendell, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


State Capitol
State House Chamber
Syaye Senate Chamber
State Department of Economic Development and Community Development
State International Trade Representative

Delegate qualification :students (B average and school's permission)
: parents
: youth
: adult


Julia K Han (302) 654 6455, (215) 699 0290;
Sang Joo Kim 9989, (610) 277 9989

REGISTRATION First come first served. RSVP by August 18, 2003

Student's Name: ________________________________ Grade __________________

Father's/Mother's/Guardian's Name __________________________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

Tel ______________________ Fax: ________________ Email __________________

Name of School ________________________________________________________

Principal's Name ________________________________________________________

Tel: _____________________ Fax: ________________ Email ___________________

Guide and faculty: ICAS Staff

Logistics: Hana Tour Courtesy Travel Inc.

veritas vos liberabit

Sang Joo Kim
Sr Fellow & Executive Vice President
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Institute for Corean-American Studies (aka ICAS ) is a non-profit,
non-partisan, and private educational and research organization. It is
non-agent of any government and solely supported by voluntary
contributions. ICAS promotes pertinent relations and conducts
appropriate activities to enhance cooperation and to pursue peace and
prosperity. Further information about ICAS and some examples of the
recent activities may be found on the ICAS website ( ).
Thank you.

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