ICAS  Youth Excellence Program

Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc.

Leadership Training Conference in Washington D C

April 3, 2012 Tuesday 6:00 AM Ė 10:30 PM

Letís Learn More about America
Developing Winning Strategy

Opening Young Minds and Expanding Horizons
Building Capacity, Fostering Opportunity, Investing in the Future
Enhancing Good and Productive Citizenship
Empowering Good Citizenship
Advancing Liberty
Immersing in the Culture of Excellence
innovative Leadership par excellence

Meet, Greet & Visit, Brief, & Confer, Lead



Cassidy Branigan* (12th), Joon H Choi (6th), Ji H Kim (11th), Noah Kim (6th), Se W Kim (7th), Adina Lee* (5th), Kevin Lee (1st), Daniel Mun (5th), Andy Park (11th), Lindsey Shinn (8th), Roland Wilson* (PhD student), David Yi (6th), Hayoung Yoo (11th), Priscilla Yoo (6th), Catherine Yun* (post-college)


C S Lee*, Jenny J Lee, Chi W Kim, Sang J Kim, Hye Shinn, Moon K Yoo

*ICAS Travel Grant recipient

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