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September 29 - 30, 1997

Riviera Hotel
Chonju, Chollabuk-do Province,

Hosted by Gov. Jong Keun You

Sponsored by Chollabuk-do Provincial Government and benefactors

Korea's Challenges Ahead

Secrets of Korea's Success
     Irma Adelman (Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley)
Foreign Perspectives on the Korean Economy
     Michael S. Brown (President, American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Seoul)
China's Economic Reforms and its Relationship with Korea: Implications on Cholla Provinces
     William B. Brown (Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Economics Worldwide, National Intelligence Council, Washington, D.C.)
The Future of the Chaebol System
     Su Chan Chae (Professor of Economics, Rice University, Houston)
Korea: Inside or Outside the U.S.-Japan-China Triangle?
     Jonathan Clarke (ICAS Fellow; President, American Journalism Foundation, Washington, D.C.)
At the Edge of the Precipice: Can Korea Make the Leap to a New Economy?
     Mark L. Clifford (ICAS Fellow; Chief Asian Correspondent, Business Week, Hong Kong)
Looking Up to Korea: Potential Roles as seen from the South
     Rawdon Dalrymple (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; Chairman, Asean Focus Group, Sydney; former Australian ambassador to Washington, D.C. and to Tokyo)
Korea's OECD Membership and Meeting the Challenges of Globalization
     Ben F. Fairfax (Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs, United States Embassy , Seoul)
Korea in the World Today
     Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. (ICAS Distinguished Fellow & Counsellor; President, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C. )
Reform and Regime Stability in North Korea: The Role of South Korea
     L. Gordon Flake (Assoc Director Korea Roadmap Project, Atlantic Council of the U.S., Washington, D.C.)
Korea's Relationship with the U.S. : Role of the News Media
     Stefan Halper (ICAS Fellow; Chairman, American Journalism Foundation, Washington, D.C.; former White House official)
Opening Remarks
     Synja P. Kim (ICAS President; Assistant Treasurer, CIGNA International Philadelphia )
Korea's Globalization and International Law
     Michael E. Scullin (Partner, Monteverde McAlee Fitzpatrick Tanker & Hurd, Philadelphia)
U.S.-Korea Trade Policy and Promotion
     Nancy Linn Patton (ICAS Fellow: former Deputy Assistant Secretary for The Asia and Pacific, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.)
Korea's Leadership and Pressures from Washington
     Greg Rushford (ICAS Fellow; Editor & Publisher, The Rushford Report, Washington, D. C.)
Structural Adjustment Policy for Korea's Transition to Economic Maturity
     Yung Yong Yang (Professor Economics, California State University, Sacramento)
Regionalism and Policy Options for Korea
     Ji Yung Chung (Professor Economics, Chonbuk National University)
Collapse of North Korea: Desirable for Peace and Security in the Korean Peninsula?
     Jae Bong Lee (Professor Politics, Wonkwang University)
Multilateralism and the Korean Peninsula
     Jin Hyun Paik (Professor, Institute of Int'l and Area Studies, Seoul National University)
Role of Korea in the Organization of Economic Space in Pacific Rim
     Sam Ock Park (Professor, Department of Geography, Seoul National University)
The Republic of Korea: In Search of its Place in the World
     Yung Chul Park (President, Korea Institute of Finance; Professor of Economics, Korea Univ )
Korea's Future of Market Economy
     Hak Yong Rhee (Professor of Economics, Dean Graduate School Int'l Studies, Korea Univ)
Korean Reunification in the Capitalist World System
     Kie Hyun Shin (Professor Politics, Chonbuk University)
Infrastructure and International Competitiveness
     Yung Nam Song (Professor Economics, Chonbuk National University)
Korea's New Foreign Direct Investment Policy and Chollabuk-do's Strategy
     Hank H. K. Yim (Profesor Economics, Wonkwang University)
Globalization and its Ramification on Korean Security
     Yong Soon Yim (Professor Political Science & Provost Sungkyunkwan University)
Korea's New Role in the Emerging Multilateral Trade Order
     Jang Hee Yoo (Professor Economics Dean School Int'l Studies, Ewha Womans Univ)
Regional Initiatives for Globalization in Korea
     Jong Keun You (Governor, Chollabuk-do Province, Republic of Korea)


     Sang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow & Executive Vice President, Philadelphia)

     Sang Back Lee (Representative, The Heritage Foundation, Seoul)

     Daryl Plunk (Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C.)

     Kenneth Sheffer (Asian Representative, The Heritage Foundation, Hong Kong)

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