July 3, 2014

Jin Pyuo Lee
ICAS Intern


The Heritage Foundation Internship

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Jin Pyuo Lee (ICAS Intern; ), has been offered a Heritage Foundation Internship starting on September 8 2014.

Jin Pyuo Lee (aka J P Lee), ICAS Intern, was born in South Korea and graduated cum laude from an American high school in Michigan. J P is a cum laude graduate of Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania '14 double-majoring in Finance and Environmental Studies. He wrote "Government Mandated Resource Circulation for Recycling Metal Cans in South Korea" for his senior thesis.

J P interned at Accenture, a consulting firm, for the summer of 2013 where he assisted in conducting the evaluation of the global business division for a leading TV home shopping company in South Korea to identify and prioritize strategic issues in operating overseas business in six Asian and European countries.

He served in the Republic of Korean (ROK) Army from July 2009 to May 2011 at the ROK-US Combined Forces Command, where J P translated documents and various seminars for the Korean and US military officers at the Civil- Military Operations Division. He also led the volunteers group in the unit and planned two combined English Camps in 2010. For his dedicated service, J P was awarded Army Commendation Medal from the US Army.

Since he first came to the States, J P has been actively involved in journalism. He wrote for The Daily Pennsylvanian, the student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania, as a staff writer for four semesters.

Recently, J P contributed a piece to The Korea Times.

J P will be the third ICAS Intern with the Heritage Foundation. Hae Jo Chae is the first ICAS Intern who did a Heritage Foundation Internship and Henry S. Choi the second.

J P is a member of the ICAS Youth Excellence Program and was a member of the ICAS Delegations to Korea 2012.

Thank you.