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Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council

Philadelphia [Winter] Symposium & ICAS Liberty Award Dinner

February 26, 1999, Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:45 PM

economic, international relations and security issues

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Morning session (8: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM)

Logan Hall - Terrace Room, University of Pennsylvania
249 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6304

8: 00 AM REGISTRATION & Continental Breakfast

moderatorSang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow)
8: 30 AM Welcome & Opening Address
William A. Mundell (ICAS Fellow; Chairman, WEFA Group)
8: 40 AM  The U. S. Constitution: The First Amendment
Edward F. Chacker (Chancellor, Philadelphia Bar Association)
9: 05 AM  The Latin Economic Woes: Impact on the Asian Economy and Prospect
Eugenio J. Alemán (Director, Latin America Services, WEFA Group)
9: 30 AM  The Russian Economy: Where To, and Security Implications?
Thomas E. Graham, Jr. (Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
9: 55 AM  The European Union in the 21st Century: Friend or Foe?
Jonathan Clarke (ICAS Fellow; President, American Journalism Foundation)
10: 20 AM break
10: 35 AM  U. S. Foreign Policy towards East Asia
Bates Gill (Senior Fellow Foreign Policy Studies, Director Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies, Brookings Institution)
11: 00 AM  KEDO: Seed for Peace in the Korean Peninsula?
Desaix Anderson (Executive Director, KEDO)
11: 25 AM  Security Dilemma in Northeast Asia: Bold Action Required for Peace
InSung Lee (Senior China/Korea Analyst, International Security Affairs, U. S. Department of Defence)
11: 50 AM Panel Discussion: Critiques & Questions
Peter T. R. Brookes (Senior Advisor International Relations Committee,U. S. House of Representatives),
Frank S. Jannuzi (Professional Staff, Foreign Relations Committee, U. S. Senate),
Francine R. Frankel (Professor Director Center Advanced Study India University Pennsylvania),
Whee Gook Kim (President, East-West Research Institute).
12: 30PMLunch Han Wool Restaurant (215)382-6221
3608 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Afternoon session (1: 50 PM - 5: 45 PM):

Logan Hall - Terrace Room, University of Pennsylvania
moderatorSang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow)
1: 50 PM  China's Economy: Reform and Perspectives
Gregory C. Chow (Professor of Economics, Princeton University)
2: 15 PM  Japan's Economy: Today and Tomorrow
Akinari Horii (General Manager in the Americas, Bank of Japan)
2: 40 PM  Korea's Economy in the Asian Context: Recovery and Beyond
John Chambers (Deputy Head, Sovereign Ratings, Standard & Poor's)
3: 05PM Hong Kong and South Korean Responses to Financial Crisis: Different Tactics, Similar Results
William B. Brown (Senior International Economist, U. S. Department of Commerce)
3: 30 PM break
3: 45 PM  A Regional Angle of the Asian Flu: Risk and Opportunity
Fred Sherman (Senior Vice President, Sovereign Bank)
4: 10 PM  Outlook for Asian Prosperity: View from the Top of the World
Rawdon Dalrymple (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; Chairman, ASEAN Focus Group, Sydney)
4: 35 PM IMF Strategy: Future Challenges in Asia
Ajai Chopra (Division Chief, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF)
5: 00 PM Initiative for Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Lawrence R. Klein (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus Economics, University of Pennsylvania; Nobel Laureate)
5: 25 PM Panel Discussion: Critiques & Questions
Jacques DeLisle (Assistant Professor, University Pennsylvania School of Law),
G. Cameron Hurst III (Director Center for East Asian Studies, Professor Japanese Korean Studies, University Pennsylvania),
Kurt E. Karl (Executive Vice President, Global Services, WEFA),
Suk Goo Lee (President, Far-Eastern Enterprises),
Melinda Liu (Diplomatic Correspondent, Newsweek),
Christopher Power (Asian Edition Editor, Business Week),
Sheri Prasso (Asia Editor, Business Week),
Trudy Rubin (Editorial Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer)

5: 45 PM Closing Remark
6: 30 PM  ICAS Liberty Award Reception & Dinner

in honour of

The Hon. Benjamin A. Gilman
Chairman, Committee on International Relations
U. S. House of Representatives

U. S. Vision for East Asia

February 26, 1999
Chinese Rotunda
University of Pennsylvania Museum

9: 15 PM Adjourn

Acknowledgement: This programme was made possible, in part, by a generous grant from the WEFA Group and Samsung Electronics America, respectively.

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