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Commerce Bank, Council for America My Country, Department of Economics University of Pennsylvania, Law Firm of David Oh, Philadelphia Bar Association International Law Committee, Womens Development Institute International, SEI Investments, Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP

May 1, 2000, Monday, 8: 30 AM - 4: 20 PM
Irvine Auditorium Amado Recital Hall
University of Pennsylvania
3401 Spruce Street, Philadelphia 19104


8: 30 AMREGISTRATION & Continental Breakfast
moderatorSang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow)
9: 00 AMWelcome & Opening Address
Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
9: 05 AMHuman Genetics and Humanity in the New Century
Robert Cook-Deegan (Director, National Cancer Policy Board, Institute of Medicine and Commission on Life Sciences, National Academy of Sciences)
9: 35AMDiscussion, Q & A
9: 55 AMTechnology and Humanity in the New Century
David Farber (Chief Technology Officer, Federal Communications Commission; Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of Telecommunications Systems, University of Pennsylvania)
10: 25AMDiscussion, Q & A
10: 45AMbreak
11: 00AMEconomy and Humanity in the New Century
Lawrence R Klein (ICAS Distinguished Fellow; ICAS Liberty Award recipient; Benjamin Franklin Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania; Nobel Laureate)
11: 30AMDiscussion, Q & A
12: 30PM China: Hub for Humanity and Peace in the New Century
His Excellency Zhaoxing Li (Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the United States)
1: 00PMDiscussion, Q & A
1: 20 PM Luncheon* in honour of Ambassador Zhaoxing Li La Terrasse (*by invitation only) 3432 Sansom Street, Philadelphia 19104
2: 45PM Human Dignity and Sexual Culture: A Reflection on the "Comfort Women" Issues
C Sarah Soh (ICAS Fellow; Associate Professor of Anthropology, San Francisco State University)
3: 10 PMDiscussion, Q & A
3: 30 PMRule of Law as A Fundamental Basis for Humanity and Human Rights/
Jerome J Shestack (Partner and Head, Litigation Department, Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP; former President, American Bar Association)
4: 00 PMDiscussion, Q & A
4: 20 PMClosing Remark

Acknowledgement : University of Pennsylvania

ICAS Staff: Young Wha Son Baek (Director for Korea Desk), Jerry Boucher (Director for Systems Management), Shaun Cho (Director for Logistics), Im Ja P Choi (Director for Community Relations), Michael M Kang (Director for External Affairs), In Whan Kim (Director for ICAS Golf Classic), Il Hwan Kim (Deputy Director for Development), Sang Joo Kim (Executive Vice President), Synja P Kim (President), Dennis M O'Dowd (Director for Development), David H Oh (Director for Government Relations), Sung Won Paek (Director for Volunteer Task Force), Xingyi Que (Director for Office Management)

N. B. ICAS Liberty Golf Classic Invitational
June 4, 2000, Ben Salem Country Club, Ben Salem, PA

ICAS Summer Symposium & ICAS Dinner : Corean Diaspora:
Major Issues facing the Corean-American Community (CAC)
August 17 - 18, 2000

Please see also ICAS Liberty Award Dinner

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