ICAS     Institute for Corean-American Studies, Inc

ICAS Reception & Dinner*

February 11, 2000 7: 00 PM - 9: 30 PM
Faculty Club, University of Pennsylvania
3611 Walnut Street, Philadelphia

The Hon Takekazu Kawamura
Ambassador & Consul General of Japan
New York

Japan's Role for Peace and
Prosperity in the New Century

moderatorSang Joo Kim (ICAS Senior Fellow)
7: 00PM Reception
music ensemble by Curtis Trio
8: 00PM Dinner
8: 45PM Welcome and Remarks
* Synja P Kim (ICAS Fellow, President and Chairman)
* Martin Meyerson (President Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania)
* The Hon John Street (Mayor of Philadelphia)
9: 05PM Keynote Address
9: 35PM Questions and Answers
10: 15PM Adjourn

Acknowledgement:Law Firm of David Oh
SEI Investments

Dinner Committee

Chair: Synja P Kim

Honorary Chair: Martin Meyerson

Co-Chairs: Enid H Adler, Lynne Allen, Jerry Boucher, Peter T R Brooke, William B Brown, James F Carr, Britton Chance, Shaun Cho, Im Ja P Choi, Jalbuu Choinhor, Stephen Costello, Chris Danoff, Pete Engardio, Joseph Jannos III, Hannah Jin, C K Kang, Baik Hwa Kim, Il Hwan Kim, Sang Joo Kim, Lawrence R Klein, Nicole Lambert, Chung Wha Lee, Ge Liao, Dennis O'Dowd, David H Oh, Sung Won Paek, Martin Pierce, Xingyi Que, Harry C Schaub, Charles M Taylor, Holly Victor, Pamela Winfield, Choon Ki Yoo, Moon Kyung Yoo

ICAS Staff: Young Wha Son Baek (Director for Korea Desk), Jerry Boucher (Director for Systems Management), Shaun Cho (Director for Logistics), Im Ja P Choi (Director for Community Relations), Michael M Kang (Director for External Affairs), In Whan Kim (Director for ICAS Golf Classic), Il Hwan Kim (Deputy Director for Development), Sang Joo Kim (Executive Vice President), Synja P Kim (President), Dennis M O'Dowd (Director for Development), David H Oh (Director for Government Relations), Sung Won Paek (Director for Volunteer Task Force), Xingyi Que (Director for Office Management)

* part of ICAS Winter Symposium

N. B. ICAS Spring Symposium: Humanity, Economy and Technology
University of Pennsylvania, May 1, 2000 Monday
Speakers: Francis Fukuyama, Lawrence R Klein, Robert A Scalapino, Jerome J Shestack, Ezra F Vogel (list in progress)


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