March 16, 2013
Legacy Kids


ICAS Scholarships

ICAS Liberty Tennis Classic Invitational Spring
March 16 2013
Legacy Youth Tennis and Education

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that twenty-eight (28) "Legacy Kids" were awarded ICAS Scholarships and they participated and competed in the ICAS Liberty Tennis Classic Invitational Spring held today.

The following is a list of the proud awardees.

Kambui Afiba, Amanda Amornwichet, Tiara Canty, Zora Charles, Rodney Cherry, Tyrel Cherry, Kennedy Clark, Evan Cuff, Regan Deshazo, Nate Ewing, Adrian Grigoras, Maria Grigoras, DreShaun Jarmon, Lauryn Jones, Kelsey Kazlauskas, Christina Little, Jake Moscovitz, Shannon Nixon, Syid Rashied, Daniel Same, Toni-Anne Slaney, Jonnie Plass, Jennifer White, Natalie Williams, Norman Williams, Maura Waldner, Seth Wild-Deshazo, Jefferey Zhou

The Legacy Youth Tennis and Education "creates opportunities for a diverse cross-section of young people, especially those from under-resourced families and communities, to make positive choices in their lives, remain in and succeed in school, reject violence and other risky behaviors, and grow into active, responsible, and productive citizens". The ICAS Liberty Tennis Classic Invitational is administered by Commissioner Chi Wan Kim and it is part of the ICAS Tennis Education programmes under the aegis of the ICAS Youth Academy.

"Investing in Youth Development" is the mission.

Thank you.